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  1. Here's an F-14 that I used to work on for a while. Kind of abandoned it before I got to finish the model though. Some parts are wrong due to lack of good references. Got this Swedish beauty in pipeline for ArmA III :) Oh, but I think we're getting quite off topic now, aren't we?
  2. I agree. I think I know a few that would definitely like to ride along if it were free, might even get them to buy a few modules, but would not buy the module just to sit in the back seat. But, of course, I don't want to rob LNS of some well earned money though.
  3. This one includes a story! It just happened on the 104th. It was time for some evening DCS. After a bloody battle with many exchanged missiles and dumped ECM I find myself with barely any fuel left. "Bingo Fuel" and then the left engine dies a few seconds later. I now have about 200 pounds of fuel left for the right engine. I steer towards the nearest airfield but realize that it is useless. I won't be more than half way there before the right engine also throwing in the towel. But I won't give up just yet. I pick up my map and find a straight paved road that goes straight through a village that my nose is already reasonably pointed towards. "15000 feet should be enough", I think for myself. It's all quiet now without the engines aside from the wind whizzing toward the cockpit. I sacrifice height for speed. The road is now visible in front of me. I come in with a good angle, but I'm starting to wonder if I will not almost literally bite the dust before I reach the road. It strikes me that I have not dumped my missiles that still hangs heavily under the wings. I drop them instantly and then lower my landing gear and flaps. The Total Velocity Vector Indicator on My Head Up Display is raised and now point at the road. Ready for landing. Success! But not by more than a few meters to spare. I touch down at no more than ~120 knots. I breathe out and realize how awesome what had just happened was. Pure unscripted nerve wracking tension. I love DCS :D
  4. Isn't the problem with scripted missions that they break every patch since DCS changes so much? Example: One of the A-10C mission require you to use the radio feature to signal the SEAD operation to commence. If ED changed the radio feature that mission would probably not work anymore without the mission being tweaked to accomodate the changes. This wouldn't be a problem if DCS was a static product, but since it's a work in progress, and most likely will be for a forseeable future, that won't change. Well, unless they settle on a 'finished' core and only continue to maintain it. This might go for a dynamic campaign as well of course.
  5. In most modern games, there are simplified 3d models, that are invisible, surrounding the 'pretty' 3D models called collision models. These models help the game decide if something gets hit or not by other objects, bullets etc. The reason you're not using the pretty 3D model as a collision model is because it saves a lot of computations for the CPU. It is kind of like hitboxes for FPS games, except collision models are usually more detailed than just boxes.
  6. Beautiful! I am also starting to get fond of these frequent updates! :)
  7. Beautiful screenshots! I love all the details on the back and side of the chair! :)
  8. I don't see any logic in closing the subforum. At all. It's not like there's a lack of space on a forum. Neither is it 'in the way' of anything. Just have faith in Razbam. I'm sure they are hard at work :)
  9. Does it really? I mean, it's not common knowledge.
  10. The teaser looks amazing! Looking forward to this plane! Didn't even know it existed before this, haha.
  11. +1 This is pretty much all I have to say about twin-seater jets. It would be a great addition to DCS.
  12. That is the kind of bug that almost do not need fixing :lol:
  13. I know almost nothing about bombers, but I am going to vote for F-117 because I always though it looked great!
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