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  1. If you love the Corsair you'll love the detail of this... https://www.craftsmanshipmuseum.com/Park.htm
  2. If one wasn't careful and got too close to the intake you'd get swept off your feet into the intake. Being directly at the nose personnel not experienced enough would forget (brain fart moment).
  3. We coined it the 'Maneater' in the Navy.
  4. The FPS improvement was with a build previous to a release of Direct X 12 api. The DX 12 was also an early limited performance wise release for MSFS as it has caused performance issues in and of itself vs DX 11.
  5. Upgrading the motherboard will require reinstall of the OS due to the new motherboard being completely different than previous one.
  6. I'd do it for 1 Billion saving the taxpayers tens of billions. We're reaching a point where it won't be cost effective for a government to even develop new stuff.
  7. 72westy

    Logitech x56

    It allows user to bind another key to the same button if already bound. Switch from one to another then bind the new key. You'll need to switch the selector to the one you bound.
  8. Thanks for the reply. After install of the default GrinnelliDesigns F-22 do I need to do for your mod (install wise)?
  9. This was with the default F-22. I do not see the up/down movement of the vector nozzles. Running the latest DCS stable release.
  10. https://grassmonkeysimulations.com/
  11. With just the default mod F-22 installed I do not see any nozzle animation at all (up/down movement).
  12. I notice the thrust vectoring animation effect for the F-22A is not working. From here...https://fsoutlet.com/f22/#1612905959078-615e2924-b656
  13. I downloaded from the link on the following page (Community F-22A Mod version II 1.24GB) What do I need to do at this point as far as installing the single player mod you offer? https://fsoutlet.com/f22/#1612905959078-615e2924-b656 I also do not see the thrust vector animation effect (1.24GB version) I'm running latest stable DCS release.
  14. Do your profiles include a list that one can print out of the spoken commands? Looking to make a cheat sheet.
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