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  1. Oh... so you can trim just like in the Mi-24 or in any fixed wing aircraft... Interesting
  2. https://rochesteravionicarchives.co.uk/collection/air-data/helicopter-air-data-probe
  3. Probably aerodynamically balanced out for the downwash evenly?...
  4. Razor18

    ATT Hold

    It's either hover, or low speed, isn't it?
  5. Don't chase the intended altitude with the throttle. The Apache tend to overshoot and oscillate around the "final" height in hover, but if you do not try to correct every overshoot with an opposite throttle input, you wil not induce any PIO. IF you want to hover a bit higher, then give a little throttle, then let go of the throttle (or don't move it) and wait until the helo settles on the new altitude. It will take 3-4 yo-yo up and down, but it will settle eventually. It is a big pile of heavy steel with giant engines, so it has too much momentum due to ig mass.
  6. Razor18

    ATT Hold

    None. Curious how do you use it on the other hand?
  7. So in short, this is a Pitot-tube plus static port for airspeed and air pressure, a 2 DOF (2 degree of freedom: turning around the vertical axis and tilting up and down) pointer (into the relative wind at any time) and a thermometer integrated in one sensor unit (or pair of them for backup/redundancy). The 2DOF (most likely) controls the Velocity Vector/Flight Path Marker on your IHADDS by simply putting the VV symbol to the point in space, where the physical sensor is pointing to at any moment.
  8. Dunno which book, I took "mine" from CNATRA P-816. Nevermind...
  9. Oh yeah, you're right abount horizontal visibility "logic"! I was rather pointing to Case II "above 1000" condition, because Case I is in fact also includes "above 1000", but you only switch from Case II to Case I, if ceiling goes above 3000, right?
  10. Case I if WX 3000-5 or above. (Visibility 3000 feet and 5 NM). Case II, if WX below 3000-5. (Ceiling under 3000 feet OR visibility less than 5 NM) Case III if WX below 1000-5. Just nitpicking...
  11. Google up CNATRA P-816...
  12. This is an ancient bug that ED stil couldn't find and fix. Make a Search for "gun accuracy" in the Bug section, you will find years old reports in different iterations. If you see it the firt time ever, you are pretty lucky... For instance of June 7, 2018: Last entry 2021...
  13. I don't think so... Trigger guard is trigger guard I guess...
  14. Thank God at last. Another physical joystick button spared for more useful purposes...
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