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    thanatos don't know what you mean? Water injection is on, weather is dry.
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    thanks pantera, i'll check it out
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    I've just started flying the harrier again. Having trouble generating enough thrust to accomplish VTOL. No weapons; fuel at 36%; all up wight 17597lbs. barely makes it into the sky. water on; full power. Used to work fine, but it's been a while since i've used it. please help
  4. worked perfectly thanks zyll
  5. thanks rongor that was the problem. Batumi in the edit file shows blue. but there are several red units dotted around the airfield. and the F10 map showed Batumi as red. (i hadn't configured it as red in the mission editor, i don't know how) as soon as i tried a mission without red units around the airfield then Batumi showed up on the F10 map as blue. comms then worked as expected. (even using 'ralt and OEM102' key combo) and thanks looseseal for suggestion.
  6. I cannot get the comms to work. Don't know what i'm doing wrong. I've started from parking hot at batumi. VHF on eufd show 121.00o. I use manual button on MFD to change this frequency to 131.000 via keyboard unit. still doesn't work the comms message appears but no response from batumi ATC also the first message goes straight to batumi ATC. If i select f11 parent menu, then select F5 ATC batumi does not appear in drop down list. Also of note I have to bind the comms key to something other than the default. The default 'ralt \' doesn't initiate comms and I've found that DCS does not recognise my keystroke '\'. It calls it OEM102 (i think OEM stands for OtherEquipmentManufacturer i have a UK keyboard) i've attached a trk file i hope it shows the problem. comms fail.trk
  7. oops setting ranging on the weapon/gun page is the answer. :embarrass:
  8. no. But i've found an option 'auto' for ranging. i'm about to try that. thanks for answer
  9. when i use the TADS as gunsight i always shoot long. What am i doing wrong please. whilst in AI hover.
  10. I've gone thru all the vids but can't find which buttons to use to assign the cursor to either of the MFDs. (I know i saw the instructions, but can't find it again) please help
  11. The mission was a practice mission. cluster bombs against ground targets. using A2G radar without TGP from above cloud layer. (cluster bombs since A2G targeting is less accurate than using TGP in clear weather) I'm still trying more tests.
  12. I've quickly tried some things. 1 I was using radar without having a tpod loaded. So the TGT button did not appear. when tpod in the loadout then on the radar mfd the TGT button appeared 2 after moving the radar cursor to my target I then pressed TMS FWD. but the SPI was still at the steerpoint (note: where the TGT button appears when the tpod is loaded the button now shos STP.) bomb dropped on steerpoint 3 when i did 2 above and after pressing TSM FWD i pressed TMS RIGHT the bomb dropped on my cursor position, which is what i wanted. it seems the TMS RIGHT is what creates the radar generated SPI. I will test it further. only just got home so time for bed.
  13. Thanks Frederf. I'm away from home till tomorrow. I'll check it out then. [emoji106] Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
  14. Errr. which is the TGT button? Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
  15. I've been practising a2g with the viper. when I press TMS fwd to lock a ground target the bombs always fall on the steerpoint that was the last SPI before locking via the A2G. Is this a problem or am i (as usual) missing a step? please
  16. I've tested this on Syria, Persian G, caucasus - left and right - and as far as i can tell if you place the targeting cursor approx half of one limb of the designator cross ahead of the radar return you have a good chance of hitting the target (Hornet). hope that helps. Ive not done the viper, I assume near enough with a good dose of CBU105 will do the trick.
  17. Ummmm i guess i didn't explain properly. with the waypoint exactly on the target in the mission editor, when i attack it, the JDAM scores a direct hit. so no problem. the problem comes when using the A2G radar. when off axis at, say, 50 degrees, the target return is clear now with waypoint designated the target cursor showing on the MFD is not over the contact. But without moving the target cursor ie leaving the cursor off the target the JDAM scores a direct hit. If however I move the target cursor on the MFD to be over the rader contact now the JDAM misses. If I move the target cursor so it appears to be off the contact (by the same amount as when using waypoint designate) the JDAM scores a direct hit. Hope this explains my problem more clearly.
  18. After watching the grim reapers video on off axis a2g I've been practicing. great fun but.. I seem to find the designation symbol is not exactly over the targeted point. I've set a waypoint directly over a tank, wypoint designated, but the symbol is slightly off the target echo. however when attacked with a JDAM the jJDAM hits the target. (provided i don't move the spi symbol.) if I retry but move the spi symbol driectly over the target return the JDAM misses. If i try but move the spi symbol slightly off the target (roughly where it appears when using waypoint designate) then the JDAM hits. is this a slight bug or am i missing a detail? please A2G still awesome when greatly off axis!!!!
  19. oops ta. that would explain it. sowwy. :embarrassed:
  20. I'm having trouble aligning the viper HMCS. I get successfully to the DED page showing coarse, az/el and roll but when i press m-sel to get the first cross nothing happens. The hud stays the same, it doesn't go into the align screens any help please
  21. my SLAMs are never successful against an oil rig. (all else works fine). is this a bug, or am i 'doing it wrong'? please
  22. Have downloaded gui. no problems. executed repair no problems (some files needed deleting) unfortunately i still have my problem. never mind it's not such a serious prob, but t65hnaks for advice. (though after repair DCS did seem to load noticeably quicker. yea.
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