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  1. Would bring me in. Oh, wait, I already am. Well, there you go.
  2. I guess no-one knows too much about how this side of coming releases will be. Original plan was that there would be single player campaign for each aircraft, if memory serves. Anyway, time will tell. And in the mean time, you might want to take a look at direction of Cliffs of Dover and IL-2:Battle of Stalingrad, if you haven't done so already. CloD is now, after Team Fusion patches rather good. And BoS is showing promise, although much more simple than DCS sims. It should come out in two or three months. At least CloD has user made single player campaigns that might suit you.
  3. I think many of us will be getting both BoS and DCS WWII, I know I am. The good thing is they cover such a different part of war, that there is no overlapping and also now I don't have to wait for BoS to come to West or DCS going to East before getting to fly in that particular theatre. About the planeset in DCS WWII, Spitfire mkXI is historically correct, it was used until the end of the war in most spitfire squadrons, if my memory serves right. Anyway allied planes will be good enough to hold their own against K-4 and D-9. That said, Tempest would be nice, and Fw 190 A-8 also. And Bf 109 G-10. And many others... Well, one can hope :)
  4. I was under the impression that alpha was for game, not for SDK for EDGE. Before this thread I had also forgotten that my pledge is supposed to get me an access.
  5. First, yes I do. It's more polite to say something than keep silent. Second, have you read any forums at all considering this project? I think quite a few people remember CloD all too well. It's just that some of us hope that past mistakes (in communication) are not repeated. And that is also why I, and few others it seems, hope that community manager is hired.
  6. Well, it would be better to say "I don't know when we can do this" than not say anything. I really hope he gets that community manager hired, because communication is really not Luthier's thing.
  7. Alfa in February... I would be pleasantly surprised if that would happen.
  8. Yes, ED is doing D-9. A-5 was one of the airplanes RRG Studios was planning to do if project is succesful enough.
  9. About possible future plans, I have been wondering about the logic in including FW 190 A-5. It's clearly more 1943 plane, A-6 would make much more sense (or A-7, -8 or -9). My personal preference would be A-8.
  10. I think that actually P-38 was used in Europe until the end of the war, just more in fighter bomber role. Here is fun video:
  11. I see no reason why it should affect on release of WWII.
  12. Has there been any news about how 190 project is coming along? It was supposed to come out sometime first half of this year, right?
  13. About 150 octane fuel, there is also a question is it 8th or 9th Air Force planes that are modelled, right? I have understood that 8th started using 150 octane fuel much earlier than 9th, or am I mistaken?
  14. And I am sure you are right about this. What I am not sure is why you keep on with this "1.98 was not used in 1944", because I have not seen any posts that suggest it should be modelled to 1.98 ata? There is nobody arguing about the issue, so why? :) On the other hand, these statistics make an interesting reading, so there is that.
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