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  1. Yes same components were used of course. Difference is not dramatic, they are quite similar but still different. Maybe completely new 3d model would not be necessary but almost every panel would need rework at least.
  2. Actually cockpit was completely redesigned for K model, panels were different shapes and pretty much all gauges, fuses etc were placed differently compared to G's. So it would need to rework completely also amongst other things.
  3. I think it's already "confirmed" by mr. Grey that early spit/109 will come at some point. But yes i agree about map, that would be best and easiest way to "straight up" things for now.
  4. Besides, this topic is covered so many times already, would be better to move on and see what ww2 planes we will have in future. I'm sure there is lots of different variants coming in "near" future.
  5. Where, and when this voting happened? Asking because i was one of the backers in kickstarter campaign and i don't remember any votings there. Just list of planes that Luthier had chosen. Also remember there was already P-51D and D9 done by Ed, so K4 was not so weird choice in that company. They just should have chosen different operation of war/ later map, like bodenplatte but they probably thought it would not sell as well...
  6. Edit. nevermind, it was me messing things up. Works perfectly now, thanks again for your work, much appreciated.
  7. Looks great, will try it as soon as possible. Thanks a lot!
  8. That might be your problem then. Don't use over 1.42 ata (boost gauge, number 29) in those servers wich limit mw50 usage.
  9. Great, lookin forward to that version! If possible, i would also prefer to have original yellow textures as well, as it was color code for fuel controls and for my eye it doesen't look exactly correct without them
  10. Color looks good there. Do you have plans to do that for original (german) cockpit too?
  11. Some of the multiplayer servers doesen't allow of the use of MW50. Does it work fine on SP?
  12. Agreed. I'm pretty sure tracers will be redone sooner or later, as other effects are getting attention too lately.
  13. It's not that bad, and for SP the barthek mod makes it's pretty decent actually.
  14. Just look at that beautiful plane. Can't wait DCS G6 some day...because eventually it'll have to come sooner or later.
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