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  1. Omg, Midgard for president! what a great job! im waiting for download, ty very much. tkm.
  2. Hiciste un copy paste de tu simulador? si es así es porque esta mal configurada la resolución. Debes configurar la resolución del dcs a tu dedicado, en Monitorsetup, en la carpeta eagle dynamics.
  3. Hello fellowships, Today i was listening to Hans Zimmer top 25 songs of all times, and suddenly i was hearing the soundtrack of pearl harbor. I imagine myself flying a P-40 over the pacific. Go P-40! lol ${1}
  4. Dear Mods, I'm having constant issues with the module Uh-1h. It just crash... DCS Stop working. Ty very much, and good luck with the develope of alpha dcs! Crash fails.rar
  5. Dear community, Yesterday we were flying the mig-21bis, and we have some issues with the pylon selection. We have in the 3-4 pylon 2 semi-active misille, and when we selected SAR option, they start targeting as they were IR misille. My english isnt the best, but i comply with say to you the problem we had.
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