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  1. Thanks for tip - just purchased. I have been using this stick for a few years and am very happy with it, and your post gave me an excuse to buy a second one (I have multiple DCS players and computers in my house). edit: meant to add that $140 US is a good price for it, I have seen it sell for double that.
  2. If your use case is mostly DCS, suggest you go to the BB counter with a DCS track file that you can replay for each GPU with your preferred settings and then compare the GPU frame times. This would give you a sense for whether the increased VRAM is going to be helpful.
  3. Thank you for the Jester LANTIRN functionality!! It's amazing and really enhances SP immersion. Changing seats back and forth was very workable, but this is so great! I appreciate all the hard work and attention to detail over the years, HB team!
  4. Curious if anyone has come across a chair like this. I am looking to pair the seat part of such a chair with a Yaw 2 setup (the actual seat section is up to the user to decide) as well as Andre's JetSeat, which I have and love, in a VR context. Andre's JetSeat already has the center stick cutout and I'd like the chair to as well. I'm not particularly interested in building my own chair, though I know people have built some beautiful ones that look like real ejection seats. Thanks in advance for the help!
  5. I am having precisely the same issues as reported above, especially the blurriness and jittering (looks like the sky is disconnected from the land and moves around a lot even at Ultra setting). I’m also on a Reverb G2. edit: tried it in 2D - completely gorgeous! Great work ED.
  6. an Arctic map would be very interesting https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/39155/russia-bolsters-its-arctic-defenses-with-mig-31-fighter-jet-rotation-in-the-far-north
  7. I went with a 10700k so that I could push the OC a little higher without too much effort - I wanted to basically guarantee that I could have an easy 5.1/5.2 GHz without worrying about the silicon lottery. There was a sale and the price difference was less than $80 USD. Maybe some people wouldn’t do that for a few hundred MHz but DCS will benefit from the extra CPU speed and I haven’t regretted the purchase. Edit: was coming from a 6700k and noticed a big difference in DCS with the upgrade.
  8. In doing some more reading I came across this thread https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=241620&page=2 Post #13 in particular. Seems to indicate the CV1 is the problem and not DCS. I have the opportunity to try my reference mission on a Rift S and will post the result/difference.
  9. I have the exact same issue with my rift cv1. The world lighting has really improved over the past few years and the sunsets look great, but this banding issue after the sun goes down is still very pronounced. I have tried to read up on this issue as best I can and it seems like it could be one of a couple issues: - insufficient ‘color space’ on the rift that makes distinguishing between near-blacks difficult https://developer.oculus.com/design/color-brightness-mastering/ This seems plausible as it could explain why the issue is not present on my monitor. It makes me curious if other newer headsets don’t have this issue. - insufficient color depth in DCS (8 bit), with people over the past few years in posts saying either dithering algorithms or 10 bit color would be needed to fix the issue. If this was the case then I’m not sure why things look so much better on the monitor. There seem be be some suggestions about potentially using Reshade and/or the Nvidia control panel to help address this issue. Others say the headset is first gen and that’s the issue - get a new one. And others say there’s no way to fix this until ED does something on their end. Since all of this info was not very recent and there did not seem to be a consensus, I figure I will do some more research before messing with things too much. I also assume there is not a quick fix by adjusting some setting in DCS itself - but if so that would be great. Curious if anyone has any more recent thinking on this subject or can help narrow down the above problems or solutions. Thanks!
  10. Agree that it would be a very useful feature to be able to shut down cats manually to take advantage of "flex deck" and other setups. This could be accomplished through tick boxes that are initialized in the mission editor and subsequently controlled (e.g. via scripts, radio menu, etc) by the mission host only. Later in early access this feature could be transitioned to the AIR BOSS role if desired. In this image if CAT2 was disabled, the AI F/A-18 waiting for it indefinitely (and blocking the plane behind it) could route to another CAT like the other planes have done.
  11. Really appreciate the hard work ED - you are the best!
  12. I paid with PayPal and got automated separate emails with my order number, payment accepted notification, and a receipt on the same day as the order (yesterday). I assume you’ve already checked your spam filter?
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