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  1. Same here. Any update on this issue?
  2. Spec-technically, 130 knots is below its cruise speed.
  3. If they haven't fixed it, you are most likely encountering this bug.
  4. Taking control of an MG Technical shows 250 rounds/50 belt. In a simple test mission, Kobuleti X, 3 technicals, not grouped, each depleted the 250 rounds. Not saying this will help you fix your setup, but something is different in your setup/MIZ.
  5. They only have 250 rounds with 50 rounds per belt, so, yes, they deplete ammo fairly quickly. Not really ideal, but if you put them within the resupply circle/range of a supply vehicle like e.g. a Ural-375, they will replenish their ammo.
  6. Expect people to articulate their impressions and findings after every patch, because it is "early access". I also feel like I have to relearn some aspects of how she handles now. However, since they already stated "work has started on" tuning SCAS, I assume there's going to be more iterations of readjusting to the FM.
  7. You've added the action as a "Triggered Action", i.e. you need to trigger them. In your case I guess you want the action to fire ad hoc: add the action as a "Advanced Waypoint Action".
  8. It certainly defeats the main purpose of artillery and particularly that of MLRS. Probably is already reported in the CA forum, but too lazy to check.
  9. Fire at Group or Fire at Unit does not work with the MLRS (and probably other units). I assume they want (clear) LOS on the target.
  10. By your logic the wishlist forum in general is a bad idea. And to answer your question: it would accomplish adding a new voice option for those in the "we"-universe who like it.
  11. At least FARP Dallas and most likely also Rome don't rearm and repair, assets too far away -- looks like you moved FARP's but not the rest. Also: Trapped FT with new CSAR method -> only CSAR script registers success, but not the FT mission -> new missions do not spawn. Edit: Also FT guy sometimes does not spawn at all, only red inf and vehicles. Happened right now. Cheers.
  12. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we got the idea now: men like to make jokes about women's driving skills. I would appreciate if we slow it down a tad, this thread was not supposed to end up closed, moved, or maybe even removed. It was a serious request, and although chances for a Georgette are slim, it's better than no chance.
  13. This one? Grad MRL FDDM (FC), Artillery category (Grad_FDDM in db_countries.lua).
  14. Doesn't have to be that realistic.
  15. Catweedle


    I think I already know what tag this request might get slapped on, but: any chance of a female George(-tte) at some stage? I'm asking for a friend.
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