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  1. I renamed both of my Bodnar 836x boards using his renaming utility. Not sure if you do the same with the your type of controller. Check his website under “downloads and utilities”.
  2. I’ll give the damper a test if you’d like, also.
  3. VKB sales will reply. Might take a day or three, but they’ve always gotten back to me. FWIW
  4. To clarify, I’ll common ground the switches and buttons. Analogs I generally have discrete grounds
  5. I daisy chain the grounds and use one common wire, generally. The added complexity of troubleshooting is outweighed by the benefits, In my opinion.
  6. Mine finally arrived yesterday! I've had a few hours usage out of them so far and they're working perfectly. The only issue so far is that they are quite a bit wider than the stock Crosswinds with width adapter plates. The were about 2 inches too wide to fit in my Obutto r3volution pit with the pedal tray at the highest mounting point. Dropping the tray down to the lowest points solved that. I've set them up in the most vertical position and the springs in the weakest setting.
  7. Also very interested. Send me a PM if you’d like me to test them.
  8. Damn, I’ve got one for a throttle handle mod. Wish I would’ve know about that center button behavior before I purchased it from Leo. I’ll have to figure out a work around. Caveat emptor, eh?
  9. Don, If DHL left you a notice of attempted delivery card, there should be a place on it to sign that authorizes them to deliver with no one home. At least that was the case a few years ago when I bought my Gunfighter. There may be a way to authorize it via the DHL website.
  10. Check out Leo’s website, I believe the info u need is on there.
  11. Cat, I believe I have an adapter lying around. Since I sold off my Hog, I have no use for it. I’ll have to check and see which rev it’s for. If you’d like it, pm me and we’ll talk.
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