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  1. Been waiting for the P-47 release for a few years now as an excuse to start playing again. Has there been any media in regards to it in game? Name of the devs who's building it, trailer, or screenshots?
  2. Well darn, I guess I might end up grabbing the Harrier then. Unless the Hornet is somewhat close to being done, any idea on that?
  3. Any ETA or status on the P-47? I've taken a pretty big break from DCS, checking the site every now and then for new releases. But I haven't seen anything on the P-47, I've been waiting for it to come out for probably nearing a year before I get back into the game. I've skimmed through some of the P-47 threads but the main one is 100+ pages. Is there any screenshots of models or news about it? Also knowing who is developing it would help.
  4. Killing Su-27 AI in a dogfight with the eagle is pretty easy once you've got more experience, it's the ones in multiplayer that sometimes makes my palms sweat.
  5. If the mirage isn't released today I'll make a cup of tea, AND DRINK IT.
  6. You'll want to keep 1.5, because 2.0 doesn't have such a wide variety in missions or campaign.
  7. [ame] [/ame] Painfully waiting. :noexpression:
  8. My dreams are coming true! Now just give us a Ki-84 and I can die happy. :pilotfly: (Zero is fine too :))
  9. One of the R-77 capable variants of the Su-27 and we've solved the problem. :music_whistling:
  10. I have a family member that wants to go to Las Vegas. He just got his PC built and I passed down to him my very worn 3D extreme pro, I've been showing him the ropes in the Su-25T. (I'll give him the key, I already own it)
  11. Well.. That's universal for all DCS modules. I do hate when people fly through trees, total immersion breaker there. But even when we get tree physics people will be damned if they don't set them on fire with their afterburners.
  12. In any kind of sim, we all have the luxury of not taking it as seriously as we could or "should". Even when I was newer to the game way back, I knew that all the really "realistic" gameplay would come from squadrons of people who are all looking for it, but when it comes to phoenix server, people just hop in takeoff and get into the fray. Also it's sort of everyone just wanting combat and kills, when I first played online on phoenix I flew in a more reasonable manner I suppose, higher altitude. But after getting killed by a couple spamraams from f-15s peaking over mountains firing off one or two actives then using terrain for cover I eventually joined in the mountain dog fighting. Mind you not everyone does this, there are plenty of people flying at high altitude (And usually in a squadron, who woulda thunk it?) That will go around hunting ground strikers or anything that gets in their way. Personally I don't mind the mountain flying, it gets a bit old I suppose, but for servers that absolutely anyone of any skill level can hop on and fight, it's kinda expected that mountainous flying is from the birth of gamer intuition. (Or incompetence possibly?) It also evens out the playing field for aircraft that suffer more in BVR compared to the eagle. (For now) Why F-15s even go mountain flying is beyond me, close range is su-27 territory, although personally I like to see if I can outmaneuver something that is much more agile than I. But funnily enough real "turn fight" dog fighting in mountains is pretty rare, it's usually the pilot whoever has the greatest awareness, meeting the pilot who is unaware, and then the aware pilot proceeds to fire a heater up their butt. To be fair though, mountain fighting is pretty unpredictable and intense seeing as enemies can pop up from anywhere from any direction and you'll have to visually identify them before they kill you. It's almost like combat in that area is sort of RNG.
  13. Too bad. :/ I'm not a fan of it. I'll just stick to my props- Oh wait dcs ww2 is dead. ;_;
  14. Okay, thank you! And yeah, it's never about balance which is okay with me. I'm just 90% sure 104th will put them in. Change is scary, I sound like an 80 year old. x-x
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