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  1. Hi, I set up a simple flight plan for a flight of four F-16s. A takeoff point, a few steerpoints, and a landing point. There is no ETA lock. The problem is that whenever I change the speed to a steerpoint, speed to other steerpoints is changed automatically. For example, I'm changing speed to Steerpoint 3 from Mach 0.88 to Mach 0.84, and speed to Steerpoint 4 would change from Mach 0.88 to Mach 0.90. I'm 100% positive there is no ETA lock on any steerpoint in the flight plan. How can I prevent the app from adjusting other speeds? Thanks!
  2. Lose your engines, survive the landing, and brag about it at vodka time.
  3. In the meantime, this may help. The landing procedure of the Mi-35M translates very well with the Mi-24.
  4. @Frag This might help. Control indicators are on and will show more or less correct yaw and collective input when transitioning into hover.
  5. True, but I don't think it would make any difference if the 1080ti was to be paired with the 9700k. It's already maxed out. Now, with many AI units, that would be a different story. They'd eat CPU cycles, which could starve the GPU and reduce the frame rate. Still a great card at 1080p in DCS!
  6. For those of you who have not tried the map yet, or just curious about what an upgrade could bring to your in-game experience.
  7. Land the Hind according to the real world manual.
  8. Here's a fun mission to practice hover, precision landing, gun employment, troop ferrying and cargo pick up: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AllysC_1x0nzjcwDbemxf1Z9vc8jEQ?e=FmXGVq
  9. My thought exactly, 20 minutes ago It seems the cargo indicator has not been fixed yet. Any estimate on when it will be?
  10. What is the landing light "Vario" function and how do you use it?
  11. 700-knot Overhead Break and Landing in Beirut
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