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  1. Thanks! I will fix it :thumbup:
  2. You may paint these blue parts in your skin to black
  3. Thanks! Now i updated the skins. ZA version also included
  4. Ready for download Download
  5. Special thanks for Texac, for the excellent RD-33 textures Contains two version: -MiG-29A - clean version without bort numbers -MiG-29G - uses dinamic bort numbers. Download
  6. Polish Air Force 23BLT Heroes of Kosciuszko Download
  7. Thanks! more ingame screens
  8. Bulgarian Air Force 30 years of L-39ZA Download
  9. hold my beer 8) Tapatalkkal küldve az én S40 eszközömről
  10. Thanks your feedback! i will check the tail arts ;) Yes, since May 2014 overhauled aircraft are painted in new scheme similar to Polish F-16 (also overhauled Su-22M4 and Su-22UM3). Currently reapinted: 38, 40, 42 (UB), 54, 59, 56, 67, 83, 89, 105, 111
  11. looks great! :thumbup: I started it too...but still in holding....
  12. Skin made by Creasy851 Download
  13. The pack has been updated. Delelete previous version before install it
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