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  1. This is great news. But makes me thinking, if Heatblur is working of F-4, what are the guys from ED and BS working on?
  2. Hi, which values you're trying to set as a FOV? The viewAngle setting in SnapViews.lua is responsible for the default FOV. Default FOV can be assigned individually to each plane (viewAngle setting at index [13]) though I had on purpose set all modules to the same value as this is the sole reason why I'm manually editing this configuration. [13] = {--default view viewAngle = 90.000000,--FOV hAngle = 0.000000, vAngle = 0.000000, x_trans = 0.360000, y_trans = -0.041337, z_trans = 0.000000, rollAngle = 0.000000, cockpit_version = 0, }, The gCameraViewAngleLimits in Server.lua are used to set min FOV and max FOV values - in other words they control the "zoom". Those settings are applied globally to every single plane (at lest to those listed in the file). local gCameraViewAngleLimits = {20.000000, 90.000000} -- Field of view, zoom min and max. consider setting it so that min + (max-min)/2 = default viewAngle (index 13) from snap views. This will result in the default zoom being located in the midle position of the zoom slider, for instance on the TM W . Note that Mi-8 is an exception from this rule as it uses a "Max FOV adjustment" from "Special" to override the max value. Setting max value to default FOV - viewAngle from SnapViews will remove the zoom-out effect at cokpit enter. In simple words, if you would like to change the default FOV, make sure the min/max FOV are also correct: minFOV <= defaultFOV <= maxFOV and adjust them if needed. Just check if you're not trying to set a highver value for default FOV then the max, i.e: default FOV = 110, maxFOV = 90. There are a number of options possible. Just as an example - SnapViews.lua defaultFOV = 90; Server.lua minFOV = 20, maxFOV = 90: its only possible to zoom in and full zoom out = default FOV - SnapViews.lua defaultFOV = 90; Server.lua minFOV = 20, maxFOV = 160: default FOV is exactly in center between min and max, so the zoom out/in have the same distance. Perfect for the grey slider in TM Warthog throttle as it has a detend in the middle. EDIT: DCS had an option that allowed missions to override personal setting in those files. It happens with some training missions. Not with all but still some have this issue. Another example is BlueFlag. To check it, just extract the mission file ("miz" is just a "zip") and check if there are is no Server.lua inside. If yes, your personal settings are not going to work. I check the mission you've attached and it should not override user settings.
  3. Hello Johnjar. Good find. Settings for 30-NA variant have been missing at all and there was a syntax problem with the TF variant. In I have to admit that I'm more of the Jug and Spit guy so I don't fly the Mustang and that's why I didn't notice the problem. Updated Server.lua with fixes for Mustangs attached. No change in the "SnapViews.lua" is required. Server.lua
  4. Any chance to have later P-47D variants in the mission?
  5. It takes literally less than 2 minutes to change default, min and max FOV values according to personal preference Setting up preferred view settings is actually the purpose for which those files are intended to be used for. Unless you're really fine with someone else view settings (in this case mine ), this mod should be considered as easy to use, file based view configuration rather than a drag-and-drop solution As for starting a new threat, I may consider it in a free moment. The issue is that I have already way much more planes in DCS than I have time to fly and get really to know as much I would like to. To be honest besides Apache and maybe Eurofighter I'm not planning to buy more. Well unless ED or Heatblur makes Tornado . Specifically that means I'll almost certainly not provide updates for even such anticipated modules like F-15E. I'm just not interested in it at all. I'm sorry to say but I'll be able to provide updates for less planes than I used to be in the past. Anyway, as mentioned editing those files is super easy and adding a new module does not require a great skill. If there is anyone that knows how to include view settings for new module in those files and does it anyway for himself after buying a module, just publish the files in this thread The best solution would be ED building-in the view settings into DCS, making them accessible in options UI.
  6. Mi-24 and Mossie added Default FOV updated to 90 for all modules in SnapViews.lua, together with respective max FOV in Server.lua. Change it to your preference. Server.lua SnapViews.lua
  7. Hi. Is there somewhere a description how the WWII Normandy BF works? What are the main task, in example how to capture the airfields? Transport flights are available only from one airbase - Le Molay which has 0% health and is not spawn-able for blue at the moment. This kind-of like like a deadlock situation where it is not possible to repair/capture any new bases. Are there repair crates? What is the role of naval groupds, etc.
  8. I dint get Mi-24 yet so I cant add its view settings as I don't have necessary files. I'm not passing it but just don't have time now. Sorry
  9. That is great. I would highly recommend for every-one using those files to understand how to edit them. I don't consider those files as a usual copy-paste mod. As for the FOV, to be honest much depends on the personal taste and also equipment. I have a wide-screen monitor, anything less than 90 gives me too much of a tunnel vision, 100 seems to be a nice compromise for me but it doesn't mean it will work for everyone. That's why I try to post an instruction and explain how to change those values. Considering the vAngle. Let me play with it a bit more and see how it feels. The whole reason why I've got into editing those files was to have the same view settings across all the modules. I've found having different FOV, min FOV, max FOV, shoulder size etc...very annoying. From that perspective neutralizing the vAngle made sense as I feel the difference and have fish for the horizontal setting between TIR and cockpit view each time on entering a different cockpit.
  10. Hi Guys. I've updated both snapviews and server.lua. Snapviews.lua: 1. The file was regenerated from scratch with 2.7. This means all head position and snap-views settings are now fresh and as provided with the latest version of the modules. This should solve problems mentioned in the posts above. 2. Checked and set FOV (field of view) for default view in all modules to 100. In previous version there had been quite a few of modules that had been not updated. 3. The vertical angle offset between the view and in-game head position was reset to 0 for all planes. What this means that for instance for TrackIR users, there will be no longer situation that if they keep their head horizontally the virtual pilot is looking slightly down. This offset is defined independently by each of the DCS modules. Some planes have it to 0 deg, others to 7, 15, etc.. . Now all are set to 0. To edit the FOV and vertical angle offset just look for following lines (comments have been added) [13] = {--default view viewAngle = 100.000000,--DEFAULT FOV ... vAngle = 0.000000,-- DEFAULT VANGLE This should make any changes very easy. Just edit the file and run find/replace all instances of "viewAngle = 100.000000,--DEFAULT FOV" to set the default FOV to adesired value. Don't forget there is a connected setting for min/max FOV in Server.lua: "local gCameraViewAngleLimits = {20.000000, 100.000000}". Note that VR settings: [14] = {--default view - VR have not been updated and thus are as defined as originally by each of the modules. I don't have a VR set so I don't maintain those files for VR. Server.lua 1. Added missing Spitfire, P-47 and F-14 variants. Updated A10C and A10C II. 2. Camera angle limits (those define how much head can move left/right, down, up) are now set globally to the same value for all of the modules (200, -90, 90). To change edit "local gCameraAngleLimits = {200.000000, -90.000000, 90.000000}" Server.lua SnapViews.lua
  11. It's pretty much not possible to see any of the way-points or the control points in the 2'nd mission. Is the visibility intended to be such low? I assume not as this supposed to be a visual flight.
  12. I'm not trying to be a smart guy but this is not really any revelation but a common to all 3D programs (not only games) fact about VSync which is known since many years. VSync from a technology perspective is an abomination that comes with a price of tremendous input lag and decrease in performance, including drops to half of monitor refresh rate when GPU can't sustain full rate. If I could point a setting that must always be changed, forcing VSync off in global settings would be the first one. Input has a negative affect on any input device. Not only the mouse movement but also keyboard and TrackIR. If you get a constant feeling of a delay in screen response comparing to a head movement with TrackIR, turn the VSync off.
  13. Fixed in recent update Also with the changes to the auto release procedure and JDAMS, with use of mark points attacking multiple targets in singe pass become really easy.
  14. Great update for the Harrier. There are a few small quirks but overall a major positive :clap_2: I didn't check but are you planning to also update the training missions? Don't overlook that topic as training missions for Harrier are really good. Would be a shame if they become irreverent.
  15. I don't think problem with multiple waypoints not being displayed was addressed in recent update. At least it's not mentioned in the change log. Display of active waypoint seems to be improved and working correctly. I guess it was addressed as a part of
  16. SnapViews.lua store the default FOV. Each module has it's own definition of maximum and minimum FOV. Just to give you examples, also including modules you've listed. "Out of the box" settings for min/default/max fov Hornet: 20, 63, 140 Viper: 20, 63, 140 Harrier: 20, 65, 140 (it is 65 - not a typo) Mirage: 20, 65, 140 Spitfire: 20, 80, 140 A-10C: 20, 73, 140 (also A-10CII) F-14: 30, 85, 140 MIG-21: 30, 90, 150 Uh-1H: 20, 89.777542, 140 Which means not only the default FOV but also min and max are different thus also the center FOV. That's why the Server.lua is used to overwrite each individual module settings, effectively setting the same max and min FOV across all modules- which gives the same center FOV. As an example: 1. In snapviews.lua I have all modules set to default FOV = 100 2. In server.lua I have min/max FOV set to 20 and 100. In result, my default FOV = max FOV (I can't zoom out as I don't care about wide view) and in all modules center FOV is 60 [minFOV+ (maxFOV-minFOV)/2] Mi-8 is an exception from that rule as it allows to set max FOV in special tab (but only max FOV which is rather silly). In reality, global values for default FOV, min and max are such a basic settings that should have been made available in the options ages ago. And then if needed provide advanced settings allowing to change module distinctive settings.
  17. My mistake. Missed F18. It had FOV set to 63, which would mean the view is quite zoomed-in. Updated the SnapViews.lua and re-uploaded both files to avoid confusion. Though it's really a file that is recommended for everyone to set up to match own preferences. (google for DCS snap views). SnapViews.lua Server.lua
  18. As for the missions, change the extension from miz to zip, open find and remove server.lua and snapviews.lua. change back extension to .miz. With MP you have to ask the server admin to do that.
  19. Set your preferred FOV (zoom) and save it with the snap views save function. In practice, disable head tracking, hit num 5 to get default head position, reposition head and change fov your liking, save with RALT + Num 0. I use those files to set consistent default, min and max FOV: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/dcs-world-topics/mods-and-apps/dcs-mods/94674-reworked-cockpit-views-with-proper-neck/page26?t=96116
  20. A-10C II added. FOV set to 100 - edit to match your preferences. Server.lua SnapViews.lua
  21. Mark points work with TPOD, INS and DMT designated locations. Just a hint, markpoints can be created also in A/G mode with MPCD button 19 on EHSD page even though the MK0...9 label is not displayed. Don't get too much hopes for bombing multiple targets with JDAMS in one pass however. After releasing the first bomb, switching to second mark point and holding the WP-increment, HUD is stuck in "No" mode and LAR is not displayed on the EHSD. Target coordinates don't seem to be passed to the second JDAM. At least it seems to be the case when the LARs overlap, or in other words for close targets. What is however possible is to attack TOO targets without having the TGP.
  22. 1.) Enabling MAPM\SEQ option has no effect. It does not work in SP and in MP, regardless of the map. Changing scale with SCL and ZOOM does not fix the situation. Please see the first four screenshots. 2.) Also the active way-point is not displayed from time to time. It however comes back after selecting another waypoint. 3.) Another problem I've found is that course line is not rendered if different than active way-point is designated. Reproduction steps: - Select WP 2 - Select DESG - Switch to WP 1 - Move the CRS knob - the CRS value on EHSD does not change while delta distance does - hit undesignate, move the CRS knob - works as expected. Edit: added screenshot illustrating problem with active waypoint not being displayed.
  23. Please remove the view settings, Server.lua and SnapViews.lua from the mission file. Those override user settings and are quite annoying.
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