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  1. Unfortunately I didn’t save the track. I did however make a video illustrating what I believe to be a fairly easy thing to recreate: an F16 carrying Mk82’s HD and trying different CCIP/CCRP releases. Although the video only shows one example for each, I did make several attempts and they were always consistently missing by the same margin. Tomorrow I can do it all over again to provide a track, but I feel you can easily do it yourselves.
  2. CCIP/CCRP and Toss missing targets by hundreds of feet. Documented the issue with the following video: Please let me know if this an issue with the latest patch or if I'm doing something wrong.
  3. Edit 1: CCRP line also suffers from the same issue.
  4. Just updated to DCS Open Beta Experiencing an issue with the F-16C CCIP Bomb fall line flickering and jumping all over the place. After a while it seems to stabilize. I'm uploading the track file and also recorded a video for you to check it out: CCIP bomb line flickering.trk
  5. Mine also opens in the bottom right corner. Check if my suggestion helps anything and report back, I'm curious. If you need me to try something don't hesitate to task.
  6. The reason why I suspect it has to do with multiple monitors is that when I went to test it in DCS, I wasn't on the computer which has the installation, so I did a remote access (which changes resolution) and the NS430 window didn't pop-up (or maybe it did but out of canvas). Then I went to the computer and tested locally and all went fine. I think it would be worth the try to check if with a single monitor + dcs set to fullscreen + set to the native display resolution makes any difference for you. I'm betting the window is being positioned in some weird coordinate. But that's just me guessing..
  7. Yep, can confirm it works fine. Check if you are running DCS with multiple monitors, it's probably being drawn outside of your main one, if that's the case.
  8. Hello, which pop-up window? Edit: sorry, didn't see you were referring to the NS430, will check it out and report back.
  9. Hello, quick question: I always liked the C101 module, but it used to feel slow and easy to stall (not saying that was a problem, just that it was how I remembered it). But I tried it again today and although the pedals tremble to warn you of imminent stall, you can actually pull that stick back as hard and long as you want and the plane not only doesn’t stall but gains actual speed. Even when I have the throttle around 75/80%. Was there any change in the flight model? Is it accurate like this? (The C101CC)
  10. I haven’t tried MP, but can confirm these issues in SP. Normally these effects when triggered appear in SSA’s verbose log, but the ones I mention don’t even register there. The landing gear effect you can fee it’s wrong even in f1 view, the lg indicator in the instrument panel already shows the gear in/out but the effect stays playing for some extra 20/30secs. However I’ll check it the wing movement once again and report back.
  11. I'd like to report some issues I've run into using the F14-B and Simshaker, and ask if there is any solution: 1- The Landing Gear (in/out/lock) sound doesn't match the in-game event. While the gears take little time to deploy in-game, the sound/vibration stays for a lot, lot longer. 2- After an Eject event, Simshaker stops working (program still runs but no longer triggers any sound) and has to be restarted. 3- Failure/damage effect not triggering. 4- Flaps movement effect not triggering. 5- Refuel boom vibration doesn’t quite match the boom in and out points. 6- Wing movement effect not triggering. 7- Also, a suggestion that I would love to see implemented if possible, would be a TEST button next to each item in Simshakers list of sounds, so that it's easier to test the sound and fine tune the volume without having to jump into the game and recreate the event every time.
  12. @havok2brilliant work, exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much for it! However I have downloaded the latest DOF.fx and it doesn't appear to work, can you confirm if it's compatible with the latest Openbeta? Cheers! edit: sorry! for some reason it wasn't working but now it is, all good!
  13. Damn, now THAT is public service! Many thanks once again! Cheers!
  14. Thank you thank thank you! It's probably one of the most well designed and comprehensive set of information currently available in user files. I have two suggestions: - Is it possible to include the airport's elevation in meters, as you did with Caucasus? - Is it possible that the numbering on the left column (or adding an additional column) correspond to the FC3 airport IDs? Kind regards
  15. Does it have to be placed in the game root folder or is there a way to make it work in the savedgames folder? Just to prevent it being overwritten every time the game updates/repairs.
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