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  1. it doesn't come with any hand controllers or light house.What a bugger.Anyone hazzard a guess as to what those items cost and do you need the hand controllers if your only doing simming.The head set is on pre order for 1450 nz dollars.
  2. Not crashing as such but this new version will not stop flickering and shaking in vr with reverb g2.Works fine in 2d.Worked in vr wth previous versions.I have tried alot of possible fixes but it perists.Im am using a radeon gpu paired with a latest intel cpu.
  3. Dinga

    Sun Spot

    Yes I am not entirely sure how it happened. I mean I no about the sun light issue with vr .The main thing is I wanted to let members here know not to get to complacent.
  4. Dinga

    Sun Spot

    I now have a small black whole on my left hand lens.This is just a heads up for you guys ,this can occur more easily than you might think.So I was mucking about with my Reverb g2 and not really paying any attention to the sun in the room because I have been using it many times in similar situations anyway long story short I went to use it and there it was a black spot.Fortunately for me not in my direct field of view but more to the lower part of the lens. I am not exactly sure when it happened ,I guess I got careless and I only have myself to blame. It only takes a few seconds they say and I believe them now. So I would be especially careful and not have any sun in the area you are likely to put your HMD down on or even where you are wearing it..I am not sure but it could be that the sensors on the out side of the head set may be got zapped by the sun.Not sure so from now on the sun shade is right down.
  5. My G2 woulnt fire up a few days ago.I managed to get it going again .I removed the cable from the HMD and pushed it gently back in position.It fired up straight away.
  6. have you swiched it off and make sure the cable to the hmd is pushed in all the way in? Try unplugging the cable and then make sure it is all the way in when you put it back. Have you got the usb cable plugged into your 6800xt?
  7. Hi there .You are using Steams wmr to launch DCS right?I mean it sounds obvious but you may be using the other one!
  8. You may not get any heads up on this one as I do not think ED make those kind of statements after they already stated it should be out in quarter one or words to that effect. Eight weeks is not long to wait, if it takes that long, is it?
  9. Did you try the F14 under instant mission?I just checked mine and it working fine.I have the previous patch though .
  10. +1 I just have bolted to my desk horizontally,so it would be better the way Rick has it I imagine.
  11. So you have not downloaded SC yet?If not ,go to your modules on the top of the main screen and it will be in there ready for you to download.
  12. I noticed mission 3 is not working properly ,however I still managed to progress on to mission 4 using 2.6
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