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  1. I'm a member of the club too. If anyone finds a work around please post. Not been able to play in a MP server since update. Just get booted back to the main screen after a long freeze attempting to load.. Single player all good
  2. Many thanks for the superb reply, I will do exactly as you say. Lots of great info there. I at least know that the Gazelle should work just fine in 2.1 so clearly I need to do some investigating :thumbup: Thanks for the info on the training mission also
  3. Hi, Not played DCS in a long time, so not sure what the current state of play is with some of the modules. So my question is..... Is the Gazelle broken when flying on the Nevada map? I seem to be having a tuff time flying this helio on the map. The training mission dont work, and im getting crashes back to the main menu & in-cockpit instruments not working or freezing. The load times are also very long. Seems ok in 1.5, any advice welcome
  4. Same here, last two updates have been terrible in terms of download speed
  5. yes it wont activate in even with the latest Starforce Protection Malfunction Update any ideas? I have it working fine in 1.5.6
  6. Agreed, good job guys, really looking forward to trying them out
  7. Nice read & pictures, thanks :thumbup:
  8. Did you try this https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2912014&postcount=36 Hope this helps :)
  9. Many thanks, all working good for me now after the hotfix :thumbup:
  10. Thanks for the update, looking forward to it
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