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  1. Has there been ANY word or news about MAC at this point? It feels as though it's been put on the backburner and sitting there.:noexpression:
  2. Would the Syria map come with its own theme for when it is selected upon the main menu screen? Would really stand out from the same recycled themes for Cacausus and Persian Gulf map icons.
  3. Is the ecm helpful when conducting SEAD/DEAD sorties for aircraft near a SAM site, or is it better to leave them off and use the emitter from the SAM site?
  4. When loading up a cbu-105 or 103 on the ground for alignment, how long must you wait until the ALN RDY indicator shows up onto the DSMS page after the cdu page shows as I can't seem to find an answer to this question, at least not directly.
  5. When, where, and what aircraft earned you, in the multiplayer section by PvP kills, the title of ace?:pilotfly:
  6. The vision on the goggles are blurred when using at night to start and maintain the Hornet cockpit systems. The only way to even clear some of the effect is to zoom in all the way, but I don't really want to do that. Is this fixable, a real-life equivalent, or does it need to be corrected be ED?
  7. Not likely(at least for me on the Caucasus map). You'd have to use the editor to spawn the Stennis carrier to operate from it.
  8. How do you initiate BIT tests on the other systems like the rwr, Comms 1&2 radios, and other systems that display 'Not rdy' in the BIT section? Is it a different set of binds, or does the current Hornet only allow the FCS BIT for the flight controls?
  9. I tend to use labels for mainly missile detection from enemy air or ground(moreso aircraft). While I can spot them by their smoke plume for a few seconds, it then becomes more difficult for me to see whether they're still coming at me. Especially when my rwr goes off whenever it detects one. Either it keeps making me waste my cm's or in the case of [stealth]AMRAAM's, doesn't pop up until its too late for me to maneuver.
  10. There are two modes in which to use weapons and the gun. Set the master arm to the arm position(M key) then choose either 1 for A2A or 2 for A2G. The gun/weapon triggers respond differently on which mode selected.
  11. :huh:So its supposed to be like that? Strange. I never figured for a shift in bearings in the Hornet systems.
  12. Don't know if this has been reported yet but if not, then taking the opportunity to. Was practicing with Hornet A/A weapons along with the radar locked onto an enemy aircraft when I realized the radar bearing and HUD bearing aren't matching in sync. The radar displays it at heading 049, yet my HUD shows me heading at 042. Also took a screenshot of the external view tab as well, also shows heading northeast at 049.
  13. So I've been using the aim 120s for the Hornet, but I tend to keep the missile launch dot within its reticle. While that is a useful mode to ensue destruction upon enemy aircraft, is this the only launch mode for the amraam?
  14. Before the 2.5 update(and for a brief time on 1.5) I used a Saitek Cyborg Graphite. Now, its the Thrustmaster T flight hotas.
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