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  1. What other type of SAMs can we expect your IADS to have?
  2. If you have any serious desire in flying MiGs in this era, and sending the 39th and 54th crying back to thier yankee air pirate mothers, PM me. We usually fly in an organized 5 ship. The more the merrier. North American players only please.
  3. Your context is a manufacturers website, which its well known that they play up the capabilities of their products to sell units. There;s a good chance Viro's buddies did fly with this radar type if they've flown a hornet in the last 15 years....once again go with the horses mouth.
  4. Kev2Go, what is the basis of your assesment? Have you used an A/g radar before? Your images provided are from a MUCH larger radar in the F15, apples snd oranges. Id have to go with Viro's assesments as he's hearing it from the horses mouth.
  5. This server is most certainly better than the garbage WW2 servers that have been hosted. Instead of complaining in a KOREAN server thread, join and see for yourself. With Rob and Sea Quarks help, weve been up to almost 30 ppl, evenly split with almost no issues.
  6. Wish we had to deliver fuel to airfields like Round 4&5, last time BF wowwed me.
  7. Ever wanted to fight over Korea with 30 -40 aircraft, showup @ 7pm pacific. You wont regret it!
  8. Do not buy until there is an AFM please, force the dev to complete it for those waiting two years already.
  9. Entering the Sally Corridor I'm receiving sightseeing gouge for waypoints 60 nm in front of me. Not to mention the Takeoff time is stated as 1620 with a taxi time of 1611. I dont know if all the triggers are based off the two ship of Eagles that taxi in front of you or based on the player themselves. It worked better when this was first released, I suspect some updates have screwed some stuff up. If the triggers zones are based off the Eagles that are launch before you, then taxi and takeoff times need to be adjusted in the briefings provided in the top thread of this forum.
  10. Best module in DCS right now, Belsimtek hasnt sold me a bad module yet. Cheers
  11. You sure they screwed it up, or you need more practice?
  12. If your on the fence on how fun a NV BF could be, dont, it's fantatstc.
  13. Sounds like you have axis' double bound. If so rebind all your stuff, starting with a blank slate.
  14. Any ETA on round kickoff? Fantastic job on using this map for a round.
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