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  1. 辛苦汉化组了,请问F16C的手册有计划做翻译么
  2. hope ED team can control their code~~~
  3. +1 this is a very resonable suggestion
  4. after free weekend, i decide to buy fa18c after early access....
  5. this is not getting better on hotfix for me
  6. 感谢汉化组的辛勤工作,很棒!:thumbup:
  7. too many aircraft looks same. it confused me.should i by them again and again?
  8. 希望大佬们考虑一下m2000c训练任务的汉化
  9. the download/update speed is too slow from china mainland....
  10. good new, i pased mission 14 on beta
  11. stil have the problem on 2.5.0 stable :(
  12. thanks, feefifofum. i will try stable
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