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  1. Callsign: Teldja Squadron : OR Aircraft: Mig-29A
  2. ED can do whatever they want with the structure of their product. We have no say in the decision process. Mod are just that : a modification of their original product. ED has no obligations to support any of our modifications. Furthermore, the 2.5.6. has been released to the beta client of DCS. So this is a little bit strange to expect a bugfree product without any compatibility issues with user's made modifications, everytime. Otherwise it would be called the stable version. And again, even with a stable version, ED has no obligations to support our mods. It might be frustrating to deal with all this technical issues to some of us but we should remember what to expect from ED when it comes the beta client. So yes your advice is probably a safe course of actions. It is better to wait a little bit longer before applying a new update if one doesn't want to deal with new technical issues or bugs with his favourite mod.
  3. Is it an inspiration from Gusto, the Mirage 2000 French pilote member of the 2/5 "île de France" squadron ?
  4. I created another folder on another volume with sufficient free space and I provided that new path the updater program. The updater program downloaded all the files in that new folder, unpacked them and then copied them to the DCS Beta folder.
  5. I have also experienced the same behaviour since I updated the beta client to version 2.5.6. and I have cleaned both fxo and metashaders folders. The performance are worst than the previous version. I play in VR and did not change the graphics settings except for SSLR. I tried it on and off but that did not seems to have any significant impact on the performance. The improved lightning is very much appreciated, the visibility is much better now than before. We will see if ED manage to improve the performance with the next patch, this is still work in progress and it will probably takes time for them to optimise DCS with the new version.
  6. Merci beaucoup pour tes efforts. Au vue des screenshots le résultat est sublime ! J'ai hâte de voir ça sur mon écran et en VR. :) Thank you a lot for your hard work. The textures look amazing in your screenshots. I can't wait to see the result on my flat screen and in VR.
  7. Merci les gars ! / Thanks guys ! :)
  8. Exactly and this looks fantastic. And yet both maps are including the same countries in the same setting during the same period of time, at least for France and England. The map could go all the way from the North of Bretagne (Dinard is already on the Normandy Map) to the Netherlands, including the South of England, this would be amazing ! So why the merging of both maps to create a new one wasn't an option ? Out of curiosity, is it a technical problem ? A contract issue with Ugra Media ? Both ? Or something else ? Thank you for taking the time to reply. I am looking forward to enjoy all the new improvements the developers have been working on.
  9. It doesn't make sense to me because the Normandy coast lines are on the "English Channel" Don't get me wrong, I am very happy to learn that the South-Est of England, the North-Est of France and the low countries have been created on a map to support WWII scenarios from the late 30s to 1945 and it looks fantastic ! Please, don't take it the wrong way, but I feel it would have made much more sense to merge both map from a customer point of view, again, to my opinion. Anyway, the newsletter brings a lot of cool stuff to look forward, 2020 is going to be great for DCS World ! :)
  10. So I guess DCS : The Channel Map is not an extended version of DCS : The Normandie Map ? Too bad but I suppose the reasoning behind this is because each map is meant to cover a different period of WWII...
  11. DCS : The Channel Map ? Considering we already have DCS : the Normandy Map (1944), this is an interesting choice of words to say the least... And this sound very promising ! I can't wait to read the news letter. :)
  12. Thank you Ugra for updating the Normandy map. I am so glad Le Mont Saint-Michel has been added and Rouen updated. :)
  13. Welcome back ! It looks promising for an early version. Looking forward for the next version and seasons.
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