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  1. Can't answer that, but YouTube is your friend. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  2. The effectiveness of the F15 and BVR is dependent on several factors. I've had kills at 20 miles, and some here have had longer range kills. My own experience shows pretty good effectiveness at around 14 to 16 miles. Staying higher and faster than the enemy is a big factor. In real life, the F15 can kill at much longer ranges, but that wouldn't be much fun in the sim.
  3. Not sure if this is correct space, so please move if not. F15 Instant Action missions are fairly borked up, especially the ones for Caucus map. AI enemy aren't the same in number or spots. AI wing men don't taxi and takeoff, yet they communicate as if they are up with me. I've noticed this only on the missions where there is a cold start on the ramp.
  4. The scene that sticks in my mind from this film is when the Commander talks about having a rookie pilot in a 2 flight night intercept of a Russian bomber and the Lead aborts leaving the kid to fly the mission solo. Gotta be a big time pucker factor. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  5. Yep, I flew a few missions in the Red Flag campaign and was taking SAM shots up the pipe with zero damage, and just flying around taking out Flankers with my cannon. Not much fun after a bit.
  6. Known issue. It's been this way since the 2.5 beta roll out.
  7. Ok, first off you really need to learn to land successfully. There are some great threads here and there are some good YouTube videos also. Secondly, campaigns are a little borked right now, not to mention the F15 among others are virtually indestructible currently. While ED is working out the bugs, spend the time working on your landings. It's my favorite part of flying so to speak. There's some great navigation videos also. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  8. Nice. Thanks for the find. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  9. F15C Aggressor on Kellie ramp. Shot by a guy I follow on Twitter, Tyler Rogoway. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  10. On this mission I stuck to the WP paths and sent in my flight to engage at about 20nm. As boring as it was, I think I only fired 1 or 2 120's from around 22nm before turning to the next WP and staying on the paths and maintaining 25k plus altitude. Got a Mission Success message after flying the CAP for about 5 minutes and headed back. 0 hits by my shots, but flight got it done apparently because I couldn't see a damn thing.
  11. Yep, I saw that thread and also noticed in the last update there was mention that DCS was aware of the issue and working on a fix. I just hadn't experienced it myself and wasn't thinking of it when I took the first SAM in the tailpipe. I was pumping flares and chaff and thought I got lucky, but the 2nd one I didn't see coming due to being merged with a MIG. Watching the tacview later was pretty funny. Just engaging everything in the sky without a care in the world.
  12. Probably not the right place for this, but if you want a quick run thru the Red Flag campaign for the F15 this is a great time to do it. I played a few missions last night and with the current damage model issues I was indestructible. In 1 mission I took at least 3 SAM hits and just kept flying. No smoking damage or even the slightest blemish on my jet.:)
  13. I also have a custom Tir profile that limits to F12 for centering as the sole Fkey for Tir. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  14. Nope. It's been quite a while since I installed it. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  15. Nope. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  16. Noticed last night that when I contacted AWACS for bogey picture that it worked fine and then I did the same thing about 3 minutes later that the F7 key wouldn't work. AWACS was still there, but comms key wasn't working. Anyone else seeing the same thing, or have I possibly borked it myself?
  17. Noticed it last night. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  18. It would seem the hard part is done. I enjoy flying it more than any other. Powerful, good radar, missles, etc. I'd pay $50 for a fully modeled F15 over a slow ass Hornet or Tomcat. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  19. Here's what I don't get. It seems whenever I go to an MP server there are more F15s than other planes. I'd think ED would show it a little bit more attention. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  20. That was awesome. Best ride along I've seen. Thanks. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  21. Update: Restarted PC (didn't do that after updating Nvidia driver last night) this morning and flew the mission again. No issues other than a little stutter for the 1st few minutes. The message I mentioned at about 20 miles from WP2 (Dodge 3-1, splash one) is a scripted message as though I said it, me being Dodge 3-1.
  22. Drivers were updated prior to the 2nd crash. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  23. Might be something else going on here. I just tried it again. One item I didn't mention before, is that at approx. 19 miles from WP2 a message says "Dodge 3 splash 1". I'm not engaged with anything at that point. Also, the game crashed at the same point just as I lock up the first bandit at approx 40 miles shortly after he fires his first missile. I have the compressed miz file if you need it. I did run a repair between attempts, but no joy.
  24. Something might be borked. Took out the 2 bogies after being sent by magic. Returned to wp 2. Sent after bogies near wp 7. They divert, magic instructs to head to wp 7. Dodged the 11 sam, and instructed to fly heading of 120. Flew for about 20 minutes. No comms from anyone. Wingman declared bingo. We landed at home base. Score 50. Is this correct? Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  25. Welcome. +1 to the YouTube videos. For the F15 you can learn the radar and some basic and advanced tactics. Instant Action missions are a good way to apply what you've learned. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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