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  1. SuperSixRS

    MIG-23 UB

    Wow!!! Very cool, thank you sir ,,, Congratulations on this beautiful project !!! Let's go on the flight !!!
  2. Hello friend Cubanace !! Any news of the KC-130T ??
  3. Wow!! Seems pretty good !! great personal work !! Any prediction of launching this bird! Sorry for the impatience!!
  4. SuperSixRS

    MIG-23 UB

    Congratulations CUBANACE, thank you very much for your efforts and great work to provide us with a great FREE MOD !!! Great work, you have our respect !! Thank you!
  5. Greetings!!! We are rooting for your project and looking forward to the launch. Congratulations and the best compliments to all team involved in the project !!! SuperSixRS
  6. Hi Nibbylot, how have you been? Any news or updates on this beautiful project? We are looking forward here ..... Big hug and success !! SuperSixRS
  7. Sorry friends! It seems my problem was between the chair and the keyboard. I searched the root directory of my DCS and found several files from an old SU-30sm installation that I had tried to make work. I deleted all SU-30sm files that were in the DCS root directory. I left the SU-30sm installed only at: C: \ Users \ username \ Saved Games \ DCS.openbeta \ Mods \ Aircraft \ Su-30sm After that my DCS did not work, So I ran the DCS restore, and that made it work again. After all this, the SU-30sm also worked normally, everything working including the F2 view. It seems that those old SU-30 file fragments, which were scattered through the root directory of DCS, were conflicting with the new files of this current SU-30sm. Many thanks for your interest, Sorry for bad English.
  8. Hello Archer86! Does Su 30sm work there for you? I downloaded the file and installed it in the correct location. For me, only the cockpit appears. In F1 view, everything works fine. But when looking out of the plane is invisible. When you press F2, the DCS is locked. There is no external view of the SU-30sm for me. Would you have any idea how to make the external view work? I tested the Su-30sm in DCS 2.5.4 and currently in DCS 2.5.3. But in both there is the same problem. Thank you very much!
  9. Congratulations to every team involved in the project! We are following your progress and quitting for you. Success to all! And thank you for your work!
  10. Hello guys! Wow!! This mod looks really cool .... Congratulations on your work !!! Waiting anxiously for a flight on this wonderful bird !! Big hug to the whole team!
  11. Congratulations guys !! Very very cool! Great job! You made my day worth it!! Thank you very much!!! SuperSixRS
  12. Osprey I want to, lol:pilotfly:, what do I need to do ??:music_whistling: Great job, congratulations !!!!:thumbup:
  13. MOD A-7E with DCS Hello Friend! How do I get this A-7 MOD? Can you help me? Thank you!
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