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  1. I know you mean well, but thats actually its not true. I have a top-end system and gain a lot from using this, namely clarity. I cant see shit without this mod.
  2. At current stage, the mods pass IC?
  3. Doesnt work for me :/ Maybe I am doing something wrong. Would you share your files?
  4. Lately the query repository isnt working. Just says "connection error: connection refused or timed out" Edit: in fact the downloads via the site dont work either
  5. Is it me doing something wrong or is the Chatter plugin pretty limited? I hear the exact same sentences over and over again, theres maybe 30 or so seconds of different chatter. The WWII for example is just random junk. The Hornet one is only "call the ball" calls, regardless of what i am doing
  6. Is there a way to use exact wording on menus instead of some random text? Yesterday I tried to contact a tanker for a solid 15 minutes with "intent to refuel" when thats not even the recognized message. Or a way for it to read back the available options for that menu
  7. With the latest patch, this no longer passes IC
  8. Remove this files from the mod before applying it to the game and it passes IC:
  9. Is that a Korean "Crossover" 27' monitor? Same as me!
  10. Hi, I was playing all day, then an hour ago when I spawn in on any aircraft the head position is on top of the seat. When I press play on single player the position shows correctly before i press FLY, and as soon as i press FLY, it will snap to on top of the seat, unusable. In attachment is an example picture. What could it be?
  11. Just more excuses. This wasnt tested or approved prior to release... at least I hope it wasnt. If it was and it was let through ... well thats even worse. This is not a simple "works on my machine, not on end user with X specifics" type bug, this is a major **** up. And a simple one to fix - code wise, merge prioritization should have end user settings merged last so they properly override base defaults - and easy to find if anyone bothered to test the release for more than 5 minutes. One of the biggest rules in software development : dont **** with end user settings without being super extra careful. In the meantime here is a temp fix (adapt to your own needs then save it as .bat file and run it or copy the whole thing to a command line): Anyone, feel free to improve upon on it if you find a better way to go about it. PS: this one will "break" your installation files, not the Saved Games files, but backup those anyway, who knows what else is messed up. Oh and by the way, I love DCS World to death. I play it everyday, I got all the modules (see my sig), I get all the stuff as soon as, and its the ONLY thing I play. I am part of a Squad that also plays everyday called "Esquadra 701". I show my support everyday in every way I can, and that INCLUDES calling stuff out when I see it.
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