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  1. the AGM-65F is the navy version of the D https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AGM-65_Maverick
  2. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=283532 from looking at your vid it seams you are having INS drift problems and you INS switch is not in IFA try placing your INS switch in IFA after the INS system is aligned
  3. you can set up the FC3 jets to start with 10% fuel forcing the players to refuel and simulate start up time
  4. vialcom is working on something like that
  5. i have a glass desk and the stock rubber feet keeps it from sliding around well enough
  6. thing that video dose not show was anti skid on or off how fast was he going when he made the turn was NWS in hi or lo what is the cross wind if there is any or haw bad it is from just trying to eyeball it looks to me the runway is rather short and he tried to make the turn going too fast and spun out and he landed with his speed brake out that is a indicator of an inexperienced pilot
  7. dose the rift S not have a built in mic? i thought it did or is it not good enough?
  8. that is not a lock, the guy in the pattern did not get spiked the F18 radar turns it self off when weight on wheals its probably a target destination of a track file form the data link
  9. while some functions are similar to the A-10c every jet is deterrent and not all are going to line up as perfectly as you wish eg air brake will me the same the F-18 dose not have an analog to the collie hat i ended up binding what made sense in my head for the F18 on my TMWH some things where obvious some where not so and had to place some of the throttle controls on the stick to make it work
  10. 1. that switch is non functional in the F18, yes you can flip it but it dose nothing 2. the F18 will not get a nuke 3. i dont know what your talking about:music_whistling:
  11. any plans on adding in the super carrier and the SLAM missile for the F-18?
  12. there is a thing in DCS bios that will tell you the state of a switch but ill will only tell you when you are holding down the switch
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