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  1. Your hard work is definitely appreciated.
  2. So did these ever ship? My shipping status never updated from "We've accepted your order, and we're getting it ready. Come back to this page for updates on your shipment status."
  3. Don't see what the issue was. I'm sure there are 87 other ones they could have used, but I didn't think the one they chose was bad.
  4. Are you printing the panels flat on the build surface?
  5. I just opened it in Fusion360 and scaled it up in there.
  6. Wow, amazing work! You have given my 3D printer purpose in life! The amount of work you're putting into this and the updates are greatly appreciated!
  7. I had all sorts of issues too, and what really helped was breaking things up in it small pieces no matter what aircraft, and lots of tutorials and taking notes... Making little checklists that I could consult when learning a new task. Having said that, the A-10C is a huge pain to learn. I would suggest the Hornet instead. Similar systems to many other planes, very easy to fly, much easier systems to learn than the Hog, and there are a ton of tutorials out for it. Bonus points for it being incomplete, so there is less to overwhelm you.
  8. Excellent presentation! Incredibly helpful! This is why I love this hobby, so much amazing content that people produce and share. Every time I get frustrated and need a break, I start looking into the training materials that some really talented people have put together and I'm back chomping at the bit to fly again. Thanks!
  9. Nice! Can't wait to try the newest version! This mission is amazingly helpful. Thanks
  10. Is there a current thread or other source of finding a squadron or group willing to help new players? I'm not exactly new, I'm just terrible. :joystick: All the reading, YouTube, and training missions in the world don't seem to be much use if you don't know that you're actually doing is fundamentally wrong. :doh: :lol:
  11. Very cool interview, eager for more nerding out in the future!
  12. I had no idea you could launch from the editor, I may need to start messing with this. Thanks for the heads up!
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