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  1. Is there a way to use "F2", "F3" view and so on when using cpg? Or will it be later?
  2. Sorry. It looks like it works now. I must have done something wrong yesterday.
  3. After the last updates when I drop CBU, they land houndres of meter away from the target. Also when hit "F6" it does not show the bombs. Is it something I miss or is it a bug?
  4. I have a rtx 3070, i9 9900k and 64gb ram and on the Syria map going from above 100 fps and all the way down to 10 fps sertain places.
  5. There are also 195 countrys in the world so there are still a lot of maps to build
  6. Yes it DID fix the biggest issue. The "one second stops" that comes sometimes every ten or fifteen seconds I use no mods. Only running DCS and no other programs. This things happened lately. Maybe after the last update. Have also rolled back the Nvidia driver because the last one made problems in other games for a lot of people.
  7. Yesterday I upgraded from 32 gb to 64 gb RAM for to eliminate the "one second stops" in the game. Still I can go from above 100 FPS and suddently down to 14 FPS and up again. I did not exspect more FPS but the "one second stops" was almost eliminated as I was hoping for. I opened task manager to see how much RAM it use when playing, and it is all up to at least 40gb ram used sometimes! i9 9900K, RTX 3070, 64 gb RAM, SSD disk Sorry for my bad english
  8. After todays update I got very unstable FPS. In Syria map flying the Huey, I can go from above 100 FPS and suddently down to 14 FPS. My rig: i9 9900k RTX 3070 RAM 32 gb
  9. It is much cheaper on Steam than on the official website. Why?
  10. I have reloaded a lot of time. I have also taken a slow repair of the game. But the loading time are very long , spesial on The Channel map. At least ten times longer than before. And the game also have a lot of lagg now after the update.
  11. Takes forever to load The Channel map after todays update. Have not tryed the others yet.
  12. Would be nice to know how to add throttle to the stick. Solved
  13. I suddenly got this message too but on my AJS -37 Viggen Red Flag Campaign And as there is no serial number on the page I bought it, it is not posible to fix. I have payed for it though back in 2018. And now it ask for the key.
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