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  1. Good advice. I had only looked at the single core clock rates, where the Intel seems to be much faster. But if I read articles about the Cinebench Single Core Test, the Ryzen 5900X is much faster than the 10900K, despite the lower clock rate. Interesting! At first I only paid attention to the socket, which is 1151 on both. Thanks for saving me this embarrassment.
  2. Dear DCS community, after slowly approaching the age of 50 and having worked a lot for the last years (and therefore always had too little time to fly), in spring I fulfil myself a dream and get a motion platform. I had already been able to test it at the manufacturer's, and in combination with VR glasses it is the ultimate flying experience... In preparation for this, I am now thinking about upgrading or replacing my somewhat outdated but still good PC with a new one. Currently I have the following specifications: MB: MSI Z270I Gaming Pro Carbon AC CPU: 7700k water cooled at 5.0 Ghz GPU: GTX 1080TI RAM: 32GB DDR4 3000Mhz As far as the budget is concerned, I have some freedom to put together a completely new PC if necessary. Nevertheless, I want to be sensible with new investments, in other words, they should make sense. I am able to build up a PC completely by myself, but usually I do not have enough time to do detailed research to configure everything optimally. I know that with DCS the clock rate of the single core is one of the decisive factors. I'm already well on my way with overclocked 5.0 Ghz, but newer I9 processors could be clocked much higher. The following variants are available to me (from low to high): Variant 1: PC remains as it is, only exchange to a RTX3080 (or comparable AMD model) as soon as available at reasonable prices. Variant 2: Like variant 1, but additionally upgraded to an I9-9900k processor. Variant 3: Completely new system as follows: Mainboard: MSI Z490 Unify CPU: I7-10700K / I7-10850K or I7-10900K (probably 10850K as best price-performance ratio) GPU: RTX 3080 RAM: G.Skill RipJaws V DIMM Kit 32GB, DDR4-3600 I would like to improve my system as much as possible compared to the current setup. Now the question - with which of the above mentioned variants do I get the best performance for my money? Does it make sense to rebuild from scratch (variant 3), or does it make me only slightly better than in variant 1 or 2? Last but not least, does an upgrade from 32GB to 64GB RAM with DCS still bring a noticeable increase in performance? Thank you very much in advance for your feedback and support! Cheers, MadMonty
  3. Yeah, still no frequencies shown in TX2 and 3. In debug I cannot see any failure. Since I am planning to upgrade my system it is likely, that I will do a complete new installation of DCS and VA/Vaicom and maybe from then on it is running. For now, I have no clue what else I could do. At least, it is flyable...
  4. The problem seems to occur with any reciepient. For example, flying a A10C mission from eneny within campaign 3.0, being at the ramp I tune the following frequencies: TX1/AM - 133.00 (airport) TX2/UHF - 252.400 (warrior 1) TX3/FM - 33.40 (flight / wingman) So when I request taxi, I can only use the AM comm menu to communicate with the tower. But using VA I can talk via TX1, 2 and 3 to the tower and always get a response. After takeoff, I can communicate to my wingman only via the FM comm menu. But using VA, I can talk via TX 2 and 3 (not 1!?) to my wingman and get a response.
  5. I am running the latest version of Vaicom and I have upgraded VA from 1.8.5 to 1.8.6. I reinstalled Vaicom and deleted my existing profile, using the given standard DCS profile and configured TX1-5 new. This time not using key bindings, but joystick buttons. But still, I can radio to my wingman via TX1, 2 and 3.
  6. I am running on a stable 5.0 GHz (watercooled). So, since DCS will only use 2-3 cores and having 4 of the right now, I am wondering, if a i10700k with 8 cores will bring such an improvement. You guys are writing, that a i10700k may have a better OC potential, but do I get it significantly higher then 5.0 GHz? Or is it not only about the frequency? In terms of budget I could even afford a i10900k, but it should be reasonable resp. corresponding to a GTX 3080.
  7. Hello everyone, I am thinking of a total new upgrade for my system, since the new 3000 graphic cards are on the market. I will wait what AMD has to offer, but for sure I will go for a new graphic card. Since the CPU can be the bottleneck at DCS, I am wondering what corresponding CPU you would recommend to take1? Would the Intel Core i7-10700K be a fine choice, is it too much or too less? Will the 8 cores be useful for DCS? Of course I will have to chance mainboard etc. then also. My current specs are below... Cheers, MadMonty
  8. Thx, tried it, but it did not work out. Actually, I lost the ability to radio at all via VA. So I put everything back as it has been, now I can radio, but still like easy comms ON with multiple TX buttons serving for one radio, like it seems. Any further ideas?
  9. One more thing I just saw while taking the screenshots. While TX1 - VHF-AM shows the correct frequency in the VA-Options-Window, it does show no frequency for TX2 and TX3. PS: Tried already "select tunes radio", makes no difference.
  10. Do you mean, to deleted the following bindings? But I do need them, when VA is not recognizing what I have said. Then I can enter the comm menu manually and work via F1 - F10. When I use the comm menu, it seems I can only use the correct radio on the correct frequency. That works therefore how it should be on easy comms off. But not using TX1-3 via VA.
  11. So, got my sceenshots... Like I said, TX1-5 bindings work fine, as shown in screenshot, however, TX1-3 seems to work for different radios while doing my phrases.
  12. Yes, VA-Log shows TX buttons working perfect (press and release). Select tunes is not selected. I will post config screens this evening...
  13. Hello everybody, I have been using Vaicom successfully and without major problems for a long time. But I have to admit that up to now I always made life easy for myself and used Easy Comms, so only 1 button on my Hotas and so the whole radio was done automatically. Now the ambition has grabbed me to try it without Easy Comms and to set the frequencies also accordingly manually. But with the A-10C I have the following problem: Config as follows: Mic-Switch forward= TX1 = Num1 = VHF-AM Mic-Switch down = TX2 = Num2 = UHF Mic-Switch backward = TX3 = Num3 = VHF FM Mic-Switch up = TX5 = Num0 = INT (whatever you need it for!?) In the Voice Attack menu I have made the bindings to the above mentioned Num0-3 accordingly and programmed them to my Mic-Switch on the throttle. When I test TX1-5, the Voice Attack menu also shows me the correct bindings. The selector wheel in the VA menu is set to "normal", so TX1-3 and TX5 are active, TX4 (auto) is greyed out and not active. In DCS I have deactivated easy comms, in Voice attack I have also deactivated the other options like "Instant select" etc. When I start the game, the menu of Voice attack also shows easy comms OFF correctly. When I open the radio menu in the game with the key combination for Mic-Switch forward, down and backwards I can see that I can only reach the corresponding recipients via the correct radio band with the correct frequency. So far everything seems to work correctly. But using VA and saying my phrases while pressing the Mic-Switch on my throttle, it makes nearly no difference what Mic switch I press and still reach the recipient. As an example: If I set the frequency of the airport in VHF-AM and ask for take-off permission, I can reach the tower via TX1 and TX2 and TX3 (and no, in UHF and VHF-FM the frequency of the airport is not set). I can change the frequencies of TX2 and 3, as long as I have the right frequency in TX1 (VHF-AM radio) I can call the airport via TX 1, 2 and 3. Same with my wingman. In UHF I have set his frequency and I can reach him with TX2 but also TX3, but not on TX1. Changing TX3 (VHF-FM) frequency does not hinder me in calling the wingman via TX3, as long as TX2 (UHF) has the correct frequency. On the other hand with TX1 I can not reach my wingman (so that seems to work our correct). First of all I hope you understand what I mean and also that someone might have a solution. Cheers, MadMonty
  14. That line has been missing. Thank you so much for a very quick and helpful support! PS: Will pay attention to export.lua in the future, since after DCS updates the file has to be deleted in order to solve the popping up comms menu. That may have been the reason, why thing got broken up...
  15. Hey everybody, I have purchased TacView a couple of months ago. However, since approx. August I cannot replay my flights. I do have a zip-file of every single flight I have been doing (single player), but when opening those files, I do not see any planes, the video shows 0 secs of length. When I am opening my old files from July, everything is fine. Tacview is up to date V1.8.4, DCS Open beta also up to date. Any ideas? Cheers!
  16. Yes, it´s a common problem after a DCS update. You have to delete the export.lua file in the following folder: user\savedgames\dcs\scripts It ist NOT the folder, where your dcs is installed, but your user folder (normally at the c:\ drive) After deleting, the file will be created again when running DCS and VA and then it should work. If that doesn´t help, look at your vaicom-settings and check, if the assignment of your dcs-folder is correct, sometimes this also gets lost.
  17. As an SP-guy, I am naturally disappointed. But I think the open communication (even if it would have been better sooner) of ED is just great. That you, dear Kate, take the time to give a lot of answers and apologize at the end shows true greatness. Please keep it up! Mistakes will always happen and not everything will go as planned. But in the end, we still have one of the most beautiful simulations, which is just a lot of fun.
  18. Hey Trespasser, also I had mothballed my PC from 2009 for a long time. Since 3 years I'm back again and also started VR quite early (right at the beginning of Rift CV1). Since I fly privately VR is the best substitute drug of all - I never thought that something comes so close to real flying. So - whatever it takes to lift you into the VR world - it's worth it! Best, MadMonty
  19. So the last Update provided Air2Air Refuling for the flight - very nice! I found the order to refuel in the comms menu and asked my wingman to refuel. He confirmed, went to the tanker and took for just one second fuel. Then he went back to my wing. A short time later he reported Bingo fuel, so it seems that the refuling process did not work (as expected with less than one second being connected). Have I done something wrong or missed a step? PS: happend at Red Flag training mission by Sedlo Edit: Since this thread has been moved, let me add, that I am talking about an F-16 mission / flight (the update provided especially AAR for F-16 wingman)
  20. That´s not correct. Search for AP OFF within the Viper key settings and you can assign a button.
  21. An easy way to solve: First program your throttle (I do it via Target) as follows: AP UP = DX 10 (for example) AP MIDDLE = DX 11 AP DOWN = DX 12 Than enter DCS and set the bindings to AP Path = DX 10 AP Off = DX 11 AP Alt. = DX 12 Runs without any problems from the very first minute. You can also set keys to AP Path / Off / Alt. in DCS and programm those keys to your throttle. Either way... Important is, that the is AP OFF as an available command, so you can use it for the middle position of your switch.
  22. Always welcome! Nice videos on your youtube channel... I fly - unfortunately far too rarely - from the vicinity of Munich, Germany. We don't have a coast, but we have wonderful Alps. I don't have my own plane, but I fly from simple C172 to performance planes like Mooneys. Do you use VR in DCS? If not - you have to go for it. Nothing comes as close to real flying like VR - it´s simply amazing! Cheers, MadMonty
  23. Did you follow the INS coordinates confirm procedure? You have to select the coordinates and confirm them by pressing Enter within the first 1 or 2 minutes of the allignment. PS: Private pilote too :-)
  24. Having the same issue. Does uninstalling F15 + Su27 solve the problem? Has anyone tried so far? Just curious, as I won't be able to get to the PC before the weekend.
  25. Look at my post the page before - got it sorted out as follows:
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