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  1. Hi BIGNEWY, thanks for your update. I have received an email, however, the new serial number is still not available in my profil (neither within the details of BS1 nor of BS2). Also there is no new purchase listed. I would appreciate it, if I could find the serial within my profile, since I am managing all of my serial numbers via my profile. Many thanks in advance! MadMonty
  2. Hey folks, BIGNEWY has been so kind and posted a very interesting thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=206574 I followed the link and received a single serial number from two serial numbers for BS1 and BS2. So far so good. If I now go to my profile on the DCS page, the new serial number is nowhere displayed. Thank God I copied it before, but it would be good if the new serial number can be found in the profile just like all other serial numbers. Cheers, MadMonty
  3. Thank you for raising this sensitive issue. I've been thinking the same thing the whole time...
  4. Ich habe mein Windows 10 auf English umgestellt, dort die Diktate verlesen und danach alle wesentlichen Ansagen für Voice Attack in Windows trainiert. Danach konnte ich die Sprache wieder auf Deutsch zurückstellen, VA greift auf das englische (und somit dann vorhandene) Sprachprofil zurück (so habe ich es zumindest in Erinnerung). Bei mir funktioniert das wunderbar. Alles, was durch meinen (nicht sooo schlimmen) Akzent dann falsch erkannt wird, muss ich wie vor dann wieder trainieren (also auf Englisch umstellen, trainieren, zurück auf Deutsch). Dadurch bekomme ich sukzessive alle Befehle erlernt und Windows weiß durch das Training trotz Akzent, was gemeint ist...
  5. Rest in peace Igor and THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the joy and fun you have given us by founding ED!
  6. As far as I know you should deactivate your modules on your old workstation and then install and activate them on the new station. The deactivation can be done in the DCS modul manager menu within the game. Cheers, MadMonty
  7. I have played mission #2 of the "new" Georgian Hammer campaign. Telling my wingman to engage air defenses, armor, targets of opportunities etc. results always in a "negative" response. Telling him to engage my target, he confirms "roger" and than flies straight to the end of the world. Telling once again to engage armor, infantry etc., he replies "negative" and joins up. Requested targets are existing and have been spotted by wingman, so it´s not about that he replies negative due to missing targets. Anyone else having the same problem` Cheers, MadMonty
  8. Hey, Thadiun, thank you very much for the detailed answer. There was a lot of things in it that I didn't know about before. My concern was that the smaller movements of a 6DOF platform don't feel as good as the massive movements of a 2DOF system. But presumably it doesn´t need this at all, as the authenticity of the movements is much more decisive. I will gladly turn to Trip Rodreguez as soon as I see a platform. Best MadMonty
  9. Thanks - I have already seen that platform, it looks amazing. But the questions still is, if a 2DOF platform combined with a VR Headset gives you an as realistic feeling of motions as a 6 DOF would do. For example, a 2 (3) DOF has no „heave“. So I wonder, if motions like landing or taking off (which have a kind of heave-effect) or taxing on a bumby taxi way can be simulated by a motion platform without „heave“ as good as a 6 DOF. Or the other way round - would I even notice the additional 3 (4) axis movements under a VR headset?
  10. Dear community, medium-term I plan to acquire a motion platform. After all, there are quite a lot of offers on the market. A DIY-platform I have to rule out in any case, because there is a lack of time and background knowledge. But before I go into the purchase process, I have a general question: What is the best / most suitable system for VR: 2,3 or 6 DOF? Do I get significantly more reality / fun from 6 DOF, or is a 3 (or 2) DOF platform enough? First of all, I would like to leave out costs. It's all about what's best to experience VR in combination with a motion platform. I look forward to your feedback! Cheers, MadMonty
  11. Hey Mad Dog, please have a look in my experience report: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=196039 I have played a long time with a broken Rift before thinking of RMA. Since the service of Oculus is close to perfection I recommend to get a new one, since it is very likely that you have a hardware problem. Cheers, MadMonty
  12. Hey FlyBoyd, welcome to the Rift-Club. You will be amazed as soon as you get it running... First approach: Did you allow Oculus within it´s settings to run third party applications? https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/pcsdk/latest/concepts/gsg-third-party-apps/ Cheers, MadMonty
  13. Ok guys, the new Rift arrived within one week (awesome service by Oculus) and what can I say... I really have tried to play with a broken Rift for nearly a year. All the disconnections I had, had nothing to do with my PC, drivers or adapters. This bloody thing just didn´t work properly. The new Rift is so much more fun, no disconnections at all. I can even take it off while flying DCS and put it back on - my old one lost connection doing that (and I thought this is a normal going to "standby" procedure :music_whistling: ). So whenever someone comes around with the same problem of losing HDMI-connection over and over again, don´t hesitate to return you Rift and get a new one. Cheers!
  14. Hey fellows, after nearly one exciting year with my Rift, I never got rid of the problem, that my Rift was losing HDMI connection occasionally. Especially, when I touched the Rift with my hands (not even moving it), I lost connection, also when turning my head during my flights. I have tried everything I found: - using HDMI to DVI adapter - several Tray Tools settings - USB 2.0 and 3.0 - driver updates - reseating of USB and HDMI (also the one on the Rift) Nothing has helped so far. I did loose connections also whilst playing other games, e.g. Burried Allive. While playing Oculus-games, I could return to the game after the connection has been re-established. But playing DCS meant always to close the game and restart it – which has been quite annoying when flying a 1 hour mission with the A10 and loosing connection at final approach to the runway (and therefore losing the missions progress in a campaign). Since I didn´t found any further help, I have asked Oculus support for their help. I have to admit, that their support is lightning fast and courteous. My (maybe broken??) Rift is on the way back to Oculus and I will get a brand new replacement. I just wanted to post my troubles in case, anyone else is having the same. I will let you guys know, if a new Rift does solve the problem. Cheers!
  15. I had the same problem... Open Windows PowerShell - App (or cmd in other windows versions) Go to the following directory: ...\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha\bin\ Enter: dcs_updater update 2.1 This worked out fine for me
  16. The server name is "=BURNING SKIES= WWII Server" on the Kaukasus map, right now 16 of 41 players active...
  17. I will give you the sever name this evening, since I just can´t remember it now. But if you sort the multiplayer list to number of players online, I have found the server always close to the top, since like 30 players where online the last two days (at least in the evening). So lot´s of folks out there...
  18. Gents, after two weeks of flying with the Rift I entered a new dimension. I "bought myself" a BF109, being a German, a must have in my hangar. Bloody hell, that thing is a tricky beast, it took a whole day to get used to it. After a few single missions and first attempts of air combat, I entered a multiplayer server last Sunday. Jesus - that was so much fun! Of course I have been shot down several times on Sunday, but yesterday I have shot down the first (three) Spits. The second kill I have made in "Top-Gun-Style", lowering gear and flaps to massively reduce airspeed letting the Spit overshoot myself and it just came up 30m in front of my guns which cut it´s right wing in half :thumbup: Taking part in an air combat with the Rift - especially in multiplayer - is even more fun than I had already before. After the first kill I shouted out JAAAA, because it has been so tense. After being shot down and hanging on the parachute, the whole air battle has been around myself. Seeing and hearing a whistling P51 passing by only a couple of meters away, being chased by a roaring FW190 was awesome. I was sitting like 1st row in theatre and watching the air battle around me - it was thrilling! The Oculus earphones by the way are dam good, the sound quality is awesome... Having a superior awareness in air combat, exactly knowing what´s going on around you, is such a big advantage compared two 2D. You look out for an opponent and you just can´t lose sight of him - I start getting compassion for the other ones... Can´t wait to join the server back again this evening! What a great gift all of the VR-developers have made to us. I am very thankful... Cheers, Monty
  19. Gents, lately I startet to enjoy flying my new BF109 in Multiplayer. After some exhausting dogfights, I wanted to take a break without leaving the server. But anytime, I take of the Rift (even keeping it in front of the sensor), my Mulitplayer blackscreens and there is not way back... Any ideas, what I can do different? Game already runs in full screen. Cheers, Monty
  20. Thanks for your help, but that made no difference to my problem. I am just wondering, since it came out of nowhere... It even makes no difference after a reboot and a first profile loading via Target...
  21. OK, life is so simple. Plugging the controllers out and in again, resolved the problem... Have done that before, so don´t ask what happened :doh: EDIT: Problem is coming back, I have to unplug and replug the controllers... Any ideas why?
  22. Gents, out of nowhere I ran into the following problem... When using TM Warthog joystick and throttle without running a TARGET-profile, I used to have a separate joystick and a separate throttle in DCS. When using TM Warthog joystick and throttle running a TARGET-profile, I used to have a combined controller in DCS. But now, when I run my TARGET-profile, I have my combined controller plus a separate joystick and a separate throttle in DCS. So most of the axes and buttons are occupied twice. E.g. pressing the autopilot button resolves in a key-command by the combined controller and a DX-command by the separate throttle. I could delete all buttons and axes of the separate controllers in DCS, but that is not how it meant to be. Any ideas? I already reinstalled TARGET-software. Firmware is up to date... Cheers, Monty
  23. Hey Bitmaster, glad that everything is on the way now. When I see a DHL-guy driving around, I will clear the way for him :thumbup: What graphics card are you running? The other parts are nearly the same as mine (ok, I have the "tinier" version) and I am very happy with my new PC. Cheers, Monty
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