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  1. Not sure if the F-111 can be flown alone but that shouldn't be a problem if ED comes up with an equivalent to Jester AI for the Tomcat. We already know they're building one for the Mi-24P that is planned to work as gunner/pilot that seems to follow a similar approach and ED will probably build on this tech to use it in other modules.
  2. People already mentioned it but custom shaped trigger zones would really improve the mission editor. I often use trigger zones to clear scenery and the circles make it really finicky at times to remove the objects I want without touching the ones I want to keep.
  3. ED (or what used to be the Belsimtek team specifically) already got dibs on the F-4 so you're somewhat in luck, the caveat being that based on this the F-16, Mi-24 & AH-1 have higher priority for ED so Phantom fans will have to wait a while longer.
  4. Unless ED decides to add the AGM-158 to the planned F-16 stores the JF-17 will have the edge over the Viper when it comes to standoff weapons with it's CM-802AKG. The JF-17 cockpit is also a much more modern one with 3 large MFDs and a lot less clutter compared to that of the F-16.
  5. I doubt that's the new map, based on this newsletter ED only started shifting focus on the free map about two months ago so it's probably to early to start teasing it in-game. My guess would be that those shots were taken off the Mediterranean coast on Ugra's Syria map.
  6. Ja un nein. Die Mi-24P wurde entwickelt da das drehbare 12.7mm MG der älteren Mi-24V nur ungepanzerte Ziele bekämpfen konnte. Die neuere Mi-35M hat aber wiederum eine drehbare 23mm Kanone.
  7. I'm just going to take wild stab in the dark and guess it's going to be centered around Okinawa, more specifically the Okinawa Islands and Amami Islands. Two archipelagos on the border of the East China Sea and Pacific would be great for carrier operations without leaving any shore based aircraft behind due to the large airfields that are present on most of of the islands, Okinawa in particular stands out with it's three massive USMC, US Air Force and JASDF bases.
  8. They're aiming for a Summer 2019 early access release.
  9. Was it used during wartime though, because you'd think the US would've utilized that capability on the F-16 during the Kosovo War, Gulf War and the Iraqi Invasion since all of those were against regular armies with organized units of armored vehicles?
  10. PLAAF doesn't operate JF-17s but Deka does plan to include some fictional skins for it (alongside USAF & Russian Air Force ones) based on this post from 2017.
  11. I think Afghanistan being the free map is a decent bet but there hasn't been any official word on it yet, the Afghanistan map was also strangely omitted from the newsletter that first mentioned the free map along other theatres currently in development for DCS. We'll have to wait for an announcement to know for certain what the setting of the free map will be but we do know two things about it: that it's not a Vietnam map and that it's Wags' "Dream Map" (although I don't think any of us know Wags well enough to make anything out of the latter point :D).
  12. No, the version Deka is doing is a Block 1 JF-17 which doesn't have a refueling probe.
  13. CodenameSection


    RAZBAM already sort of mentioned it in their response: takes away workload from Pilot/WSO so they can focus more on their respective task.
  14. I haven't flown on NTTR since 2.5 due to lack of SSD space so I can't see if it's just you but the Nevada map doesn't use the speed tree tech that Persian Gulf/Caucasus have so this might be causing issues with tree visibility range?
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