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  1. I still think you're forgetting the Baltic Sea. It was a serious hot spot during the cold war and we have a lot of relevant aircraft to populate such a map. However, I see from your list that I've completely missed a 1950s Korea. We certainly have the aircraft for it and it would be a fantastic sandbox to fly out some scenarios!
  2. As a personal opinion, I believe there to be many other locations which are far more interesting - both historically and terrain-wise. A lot of people are a bit fed up with desert and semi desert environments, we already have three such maps. We already have a training map in the form of Nevada. Geopolitically, it's pretty boring around San Diego. The Baltic, Vietnam, the Balkans and extending the Persian Gulf map to include Iraq - and possibly even to tie in with Syria - are all far more interesting options for new maps.
  3. I've already posted a thread on this, but I'll throw it in again, in case ED is reading. The Baltic. Air-wise, one of the hottest spots during the cold war and we have the correct aircraft to populate such a map with. It's also a fairly large map, which makes things interesting, but a lot will be taken up by empty sea, which will be a save on all manner of resources.
  4. This really has the potential to be the next big map in DCS. It covers a very large area, but a lot of it is water which is great for carrier ops (even though it's unrealistic that a US carrier group would ever enter such a confined space...) and not any major urban areas at all. Stockholm is not very big in comparison to London or a continental capital city... It's reasonably flat compared to the Caucasus, but that didn't stop the Viggen pilots of old from using terrain masking tactics! Child's play, compared to zooming out over the sea at 10m in search of Soviet ships...
  5. My computer is old now, with only a GTX 970 card. The Caucasus, Persian Gulf, Nevada, Normandy and Channel maps all still work fine for me. The newer maps look a lot, lot better, and I'm happy that they exist. If I want to buy and enjoy them, I'll have to seriously upgrade my computer, which was bought new in 2014. Considering the number of maps which still work really well for lower spec machines, I think ED are doing the right thing by introducing stellar quality maps which will require new machines today. They even released the free Marianas map which we can use to test if our computer is up to spec for the new maps, before we purchase. Soon enough, these maps will be obtainable and useable by all anyway, as hardware tech moves on.
  6. I agree, we definitely need a Baltic Sea map. But we need less of the Russian mainland and more of Sweden, to include some of the air bases and road stretches which double as landing strips for the Viggen. I posted this a few days ago in this forum. Would make an epic Cold War map, such a geopolitical hot spot...
  7. We are getting spoilt for choice regarding maps now, with new locations coming thick and fast. However, I feel that the Baltic Sea has been too long neglected! We have plenty of appropriate aircraft and (above all) Soviet-era smaller ships to populate such a map. Geopolitically, it's certainly a hot spot - both during the cold war and now. It would be a really interesting place especially for the Viggen, where it would be able to carry out the very missions which it was designed to perform. Also, would make for a beautiful map if the Swedish and Åland/SW Finland archipelagos could be included. Something like this: The major airbases of Ronneby, Linköping, Uppsala and Kaliningrad are on this map, the naval bases of Karlskrona, Berga and Kaliningrad and plenty of the purpose-built stretches of public highway in Sweden which the Viggen so loves to land on Please, please, please Development Team, take note!!!
  8. Easiest way is in the game - go to the Encyclopedia and find it there.
  9. It looks like Cain from Robocop 2 :megalol: But I completely agree, it needs to be selectable as a weapon NOW!!
  10. Dear all, I'm completely stumped as to how to order wingmen to attack ground targets or ships. Can anyone shed any light on this? Brgds, C_W_S
  11. Keen! Depending on price, but absolutely keen! Top marks for initiative :)
  12. Minne isn't working either. Is there a fix? I've noticed a working mirror on many YouTube videos...
  13. What a legend! I'd be happy with just a RAF Mossie, hadn't even considered an RN version!!! I'm having trouble taking off in a straight line with my Spit IX, imagine the torque steer with two Merlins turning in the same direction - with an extra blade each :-o
  14. Ebs, you're a total legend. It's thanks to people like you that those of us with less competence can enjoy the benefits of those who do. This was a dream to install and run thanks to your comprehensive guide.
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