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  1. Good Job. You're making much needed aircraft for DCS. Sukhoi-7 looks incredible.
  2. Rudy


    Welcome. Tonnes of planes to make. Good Luck!!! :)
  3. Sea-hawks and Sea-Kings are badly needed now ;)
  4. Rudy


    I support any theater or country with mountains- Chile, Switzerland, India-Pakistan :)
  5. Rudy

    SH-3 Sea King

    Excellent Job so far!!! I'm all for this mighty bird. Any updates? Please bring it out to DCS :D
  6. Heard about SH-3 long back. Any updates on it??
  7. +1 for Sea King or SH 60 Sea Hawk for the upcoming carrier ops!
  8. Su-7 for sure. Was a tough and reliable attack fighter
  9. Rudy

    RAZBAM MiG-19

    I totally agree. I'm sure Hawker Hunter would appeal to many pilots in here. I hope it's their next project.
  10. Rudy

    RAZBAM MiG-19

    Great news! I'll try to be of some help. Since Mig 23 has not been authorized, what other module will probably take its place? Any clue ? :D
  11. Hawker Hunter would be a great module for DCS. Legendary aircraft that has flown with many air forces, took part in numerous conflicts.
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