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  1. That was it I think, thanks! I was editing the other init - ob or obb or something like that.
  2. Hi, playing the F16 PG campaign im really struggling with the mission timing of allied flights. I have set the player ready time in the init to 0 and still it will give me up to two hour spacing sometimes between when my strike flight leaves, and the escort leaves. I cannot time compress for two hours surely. I cannot seem to edit my flight start time (by design?) or allied flights in the mission planner. Any advice for how I can shorten the waiting times?
  3. Fantastic mod, can't believe it took me so long to try it. Small question - is there a way to change season?
  4. I'm not sure where else to ask, so might as well check here- any chance we'll see support for IL2? I already use this fantastic module in DCS and XP11 and would love to have it in IL2 as well. Thanks!
  5. C-130, but only if we get an AC-130 as well!
  6. Ah, I see now. I misunderstood the question from the get-go. :doh:
  7. Unless I'm terribly misunderstanding something, the M2k definitely has to have IFF switched on in order to show friendlies. The IFF panel is located on the right hand side directly under the navigation control panel. Just to the right of the four numbers there is a knob that must be turned to the "CONT" position in order to turn on IFF. Otherwise all contacts will register as enemy. See page 67 of Chuck's guide.
  8. Yes, the M2k requires IFF be switched on. It is not on by default. The switch is in the top right of the right hand console. Also, it sounds as though you did not have your missile warning system switched on either. I cannot recommend Chuck's Guide highly enough. It is the first thing I download for any new aircraft. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=157056
  9. I'll ask again, are the prices to buy the non steam modules higher as well? If not, why not just convert to the standalone? It's very easy to do..... Sent from my HTCD200LVW using Tapatalk
  10. Same here. Specs in sig, but I have had excellent performance. Never dips below 60fps. I agree with what has been said earlier - this really sounds like a driver issue. I don't think you ever clearly stated so just to make sure: your drivers are fully up to date, correct? Do you have issues in other games? Have you tried benchmarking the GPU?
  11. Haha, yes! All of the old videos have been replaced by actual in-game tutorials. I do most of my SEAD on Open Conflict. You have a pretty good idea of where the SAMS are, just by looking at where your friendly SAM ranges end. Just keep an eye on the F10 map and make sure you aren't about to blow a friendly SAM sky-high. There are also SAM bases as objectives.
  12. Are you sure you are low enough to engage CCIP mode? You won't get the line and reticule for CCIP unless you are low enough / dive angle is steep enough. In the FC3 modules it will pretty much always show you the CCRP diamond for targeting. Only once you reach a low enough altitude for the CCIP reticule to engage will it become visible.
  13. Honestly, all you usually have to do is wait 10-15 mins at most and a slot opens up. I usually go and poke around online, or fly a campaign mission and by that time a slot is free. If everyone keeps donating then hopefully one day we can get a server with some more slots! :pilotfly:
  14. SEAD is very easy with the frog. I found the below tutorial very helpful. Also, as Razor said, the quick mission is great for learning. I ran it over a couple times to get an idea of range and pop-ups, and then moved to MP.
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