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  1. plenty to choose from on any of the MP 'Aerobatics online*' or 'Aerobatics Europe*' servers
  2. you missed the 26 pages ?
  3. who's going to do that? the boom operator? it's a simple passive system, lets keep it simple.
  4. don't fly like a nob and keep your wings until next time
  5. +1 never ever needed to sit up or peer over the nose in the 16, make sure you're sat in a realistic position
  6. 2 complimentary tools native in the cockpit, which you can yourself at will select/de-select when and if necessary? - come on, those are constructive ideas. Why discount those and add green boxes to fly through? If you can't line up with a line directly in line with the trap, AND a number on the HSI that tells you the distance from that line, AND an ICLS glideslope thrown in, then re-inventing the wheel isn't going to help your particular wagon to roll.
  7. this one still going? the tools you need are surely all there in the sim, TCN with an accurate CSEL, you get distance from the line as well as the HUD cue, then glideslope/fine tuning from ICLS. What more do you need? And 'it's not IRL' won't wash because great big green boxes to fly though isn't IRL either !
  8. jeez, it's a flight sim not a sea sim. Get real.
  9. like riding a bike without handlebars, just the stem, eventually you'll stop falling off but, you need handlebars
  10. Oh god another one pops out from his hole. I do accept it, what i don't accept is that in response to the OP, while i gave him some advice, which would have helped him on his way, I end up being attacked for helping someone. You're just another that joins the crowd and doesn't help the OP. Have a really great day, adding unhelpful comments to your gee-wiz 9000 post total
  11. again, not helping anyone
  12. GR have a very large stock of howto videos, probably why not 100% are not up to date. Without offering the OP an actual alternative there you see what you've done, nothing.
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