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  1. A practical solution would be to push new modules to Stable, as well to OB, so people is not *forced* to stay on OB to have them. Later, use OB to try new minor features, changes, etc. so using OB to contribuiting to testing would really be opt-in only. Other companies are doing this way. My 2 cents.
  2. A practical solution would be to push new modules to Stable, as well to OB, so people is not *forced* to stay on OB to have them. Later, use OB to try new minor features, changes, etc. so using OB to contribuiting to testing would really be opt-in only. Other companies are doing this way. My 2 cents.
  3. Nice! Suggestions: - Would you also consider other types of transportation, not only people (e.g. materials, sling, etc..)? - Please remember about the weather, the sky is not always blue and clear, to make missions even more interesting and challanging :)
  4. I checked it, it is ok now. This time I had no issues, I haven't changed anything on my joystick/curves etc. (it's an X-56, perfectly calibrated), did you change the accepted ranges (e.g. 2%-98% instead of 0%-100%)? Nice trick, thanks! It didn't came to mind... In order to help improve this little nice aircraft, I took some time and did some tests, so I found that the root cause was in the Ignition Switch. Try following steps: - Start cold and dark - Move Ignition Switch to START (and then let it back to OFF) - Battery ON From this moment the engine tries to start, this means that the Ignition Switch internally triggers the engine start even if it is not elettrified. So, after that, it could happened what you say. But the expected beaviour to me is that moving electrical switches while everything is OFF and not electrified shouldn't change anything (any internal state). Hope it helps. Thanks, I didn't catch that. It could help to update the manual. And also it would be nice to make them clickable :)
  5. I encountered some problems in training mission 1: - on some step after engine start (I don't remember the exact number, sorry) he asked to turn VOR on, but immediately jumped to the next step even if VOR was still off - some steps after there was the ailerons visual check, but I got stuck there as I couldn't find a way to go on: I moved the ailerons full left-right but nothing, pressed specebar but also nothing (and it wasn't adviced to press it go on), changed trim.... I abandoned the mission Now, to me the voice is not unpleasent, but he speaks too much, and the training is too long, it's not possible to skip steps doing things faster, or pressing spacebar when possible, we must wait the end of each speech, so, even if problems will be resolved, it's a pain to start it over again. By the way, I found another problem, not strictly related to this mission, but with startup from cold and dark (maybe it's better a specific thread, but I prefere to anticipate): in more then one case it wasn't possible to start the engine: at the step to hold ignition switch on start for 2 second did nothing, the ignition lamp didn't illuminate, the only result was N2 rising to 20 then falling to 0 (while N1, after little delay respect to N2, rised to 10 and then falled down), and after few seconds this routine repeated, over and over again, no way to stop it, even disconnecting gpu, switching off batteries.... The last time happened in train miz 1, I followed all steps of checklist, only differences were: when checking ignition switch is OFF I wrongly moved it to start, and also to continuos, but after put it to OFF; and also when checking 4 pump switches OFF I moved some of them to AUTO or to MAN, but after put on OFF... these are steps in before start checklist, so no GPU, no batteries, so these errors are expected to be inifluential on next steps... And after today update it seams that I can't fire, neither gun or weapons at pylons.
  6. +1 also for me. Tried the CC today, I was so surprised such basic bindings weren't there.
  7. So should we deduce that a light at the probe is missing?
  8. I wanted to report the same bug, but I found this post. I confirm that is still present in today version ( I also found other two related bugs (or effects of the same bug at code level), that I can reproduce in sequence as follow: 1) - Emergency Wing Sweep Handle full forward and pushed down (for example when starting new mission on ground with engines on) - Rotate mouse wheel forward -> the handle quickly jumps to the opposite side (parking position) and then goes back in the full forward position, generating an ugly animation of the handle - Rotate mouse wheel backward -> the handle quickly moves little backward and then returns to the original position, again, ugly to see 2) - Pull up and push down the handle -> now rotating the mouse wheel the handle moves forward and backward, and reaching a limit (full forward or backward) it jumps to the other end. Note that in this case moving the handles the wings don't move So, additionally, it's not clear if, when pushed, the handle should move or not. Note that the beaviour is the same if I try to move the handle with mouse click + movement: - in case 1) it doesn't move (but backward I have the same ugly animation) - in case 2) it moves
  9. Really great work guys!!! Thanky very much for donating such a nice mod to the community :)
  10. Hi Lino, another very little improvement: Kutaisi Inner Mark Beacon 477 kHz, reported as "- .. --." = TIG, in game is heard as "- .." = TI
  11. I found the mission demanding, but not that hard, it really depens on your skills, but surely if the UN campagin was for begginer to intermediate pilots this is for intermediate/advanced, so it's very good to improve your own skills. I really appreciate this campaign because it offers different situations: the sky is not always clear, and the night also does exists (lots of missions and servers forget it). Maybe it's not totally realistic, but it offers situations that one wouldn't fly otherwise, and force to use all the instruments. The Huey (and other helicopters as well) have a potential of fun and entertainment otherwise not used. Going back to the mission, to me it wasn't clear what to follow to find the camp:
  12. In mission 3 for me the same as reported by ebabil and rge75: the UH-60s were flying TOO close to me when I was approaching the excercise area and dropping the cargo (one was flying below me below 100 feet, and one of them was shot down, maybe the same), and at the end of the mission when I was landing on the ship.
  13. Related to the message "***Reminder: Tune your radio to 47 MHz FM for the ASW task***" in the first mission, it also confused me, and it seemed to me a bug as I had the radio correctly tuned but I was still receiving the message, I checked the radio again several times! :) As a suggestion a new message could be added when the radio is tuned: "[...] Keep the radio tuned [...] and follow the CDI", but in my point of view this is implicit, or simply could be reported in the radio menu as the current task. BTW, I'm happy to fly this nice campaign and report feedbacks ;)
  14. This is not a bug, just a correction needed by the briefings and the docs: frequencies reported for AN/ARN-83 ADF set should be KHz, not MHz.
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