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  1. There's definetely something going on with the Mirage, the aircraft in the video is either a CT or a CR its even seen carrying GBUs and the two Iraqi mirages that we saw at the beginning of the teaser have the small leading edge extension on the vertical stabilizer something neither the Spanish or French F1s had, they also mentioned in an interview that the Super 530F would be available and considering Spain never used it I wouldn't be surprised they were making other variants they haven't told us.
  2. The MKK and the MK2 are essentially the same aircraft and they both use mostly Russian weapons such as the KH31,29, etc the good thing is the MK2 is in service with many countries such as Vietnam, Venezuela & Indonesia, even Russia operates Su-30M2 which is the Russian version. If Deka is really making the Su-30MKK/MK2 it would give Redfor a much needed counter balance to the Hornet, Falcon and especially the upcoming Strike Eagle which is its direct equivalent.
  3. At this point the Hornet was already in service with the Spanish Air Force and the Typhoon was on the pipeline, the important question is if the Cyrano IVM was compatible with the Super 530F, if the answer is yes than the F1M should in theory be capable of using the 530F, then again it depends on the documents the Devs have access to, If they had access to the Qatari F1s Spain acquired they should be able to develop a super 530 capable F1.
  4. Knowing what weapons the spanish Mirages could use is surprinsingly difficult, when it comes to the F1M I would be very surprised if it couldn't use the Super 530F because just as it was mentioned a few times this aircraft were also Exocet capable the spanish air force simply didn't buy them just in the same way they never used the R550 Magic so I find it difficult to believe that they would go out of their way just to remove support for one particular weapon from all their aircraft especially considering you might need this capability somewhere down the line, but still I'm not sure.
  5. At this rate this is going to end up becoming an official module, Excellent work!!
  6. KIKE92

    AI Behavior

    It was the radio, I had mapped the button on my HOTAS to the standard DCS comms menu instead of the 164. I still shot down 3 of the 4 Migs but atleast this time they aren't just focusing on me. Thanks everyone for the help, I really appreciate it.
  7. KIKE92

    AI Behavior

    I tried it again, I setup a simple mission in the editor, 4 F-16s vs 4 Mig-29As and I jumped into the cockpit, I climb to 20000ft with my wingmen to my right while I do these I begin targeting the Migs in TWS mode and I also order my flight to engage the enemy, when I'm within range I launch a pair of AIM-120s against two of the Migs but none of my wingmen are engaging the Migs, I get targeted and I get a missile launch warning so I break left to avoid the missile, at this moment I paused the mission to see what my flight is doing and to my surprise instead of attacking the enemies they're following me, only one of my wingmen got a kill and it was with a Sidewinder It's almost as if they only attack when directly threatened. After the mission was over I reset everything except this time I didn't play I just left AI vs AI and this time the flight of F-16s immediately engage the Migs with AMRAAMs. Why don't they attack from BVR when I'm playing but they do attack when they're AI controlled?
  8. KIKE92

    AI Behavior

    I was in a fight against 6 Mig-29As with a flight of 4 F-16s including me and its always the same thing I fire two AIM-120s in TWS, I usually hit two of the Migs but I've noticed that atleast three of the Migs target me, also my wingmen do nothing, and they often get killed at the start and if they don't they don't last long in the dogfight and that's when I a often find myself with three or four Migs on my tail
  9. The wait is killing me!!
  10. 1)Does the AI only go after the player? 2)Do friendly AIs actually do something, especially when you tell them to attack bandits?
  11. What about this bad boy, now that we're getting submarines that actually submerge i think this could be interesting, or the gunship variant
  12. Considering the Eurofighter is coming to DCS the Russians need a modern 4th Gen fighter fast. Maybe a Su-30 or the Su-27SM
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