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  1. The Block 3/A10C-I Had a similar issue for years, the external model clips into the cockpit model. i only seemed to notice it after changing liveries an on reload it was there also.
  2. you really dont need VR to make the HMCS effective, it already changes situational awareness by atleast 10x at the end of it its your money, do you want new weapons and an an HMD system or no?
  3. Mods-o_joy


    Is it possible to edit default profiles via lua editing? i want to edit the HMCS default profile so the cursor and all waypoints/aircraft/markpoints are visible no matter where im looking, you can do it in the stats page while in sim but redoing it each start is getting tiring.
  4. 3.56 after the miles i got from buying the syria map + F/A18 a while back.
  5. I own the A10C through steam via starforce CD key, will i still get the discount for the A10C II?
  6. Since the models for the cockpit without the ARC-210 are there, would it be possible to somehow integrate switching from having and not having it? since heatblur was able to do it with the LANTRIN pod controls. it feels like there is not enough variation in equipment and it would add a bit of depth.
  7. Since it will take out the VHF AM Slot and the blank panel that makes me think its probably a C-12561A Full height Control unit.
  8. this has been an issue since release, and honestly its one of those things that sours a well put together airframe.
  9. Getting same issue consistently, so i cant use my 100+$'s worth of payware.
  10. That would be, pretty scummy all things considered, i get its an old product but im willing to bet pretty much everybody has sunk money in other places in DCS and for something as simple as adding some scuff marks and paint chips really should not be cause for billing.
  11. There is a G meter max min pegs that follow your G meters needle and stay at their highest spots. easy way to tell is simply look at your Gmeter to find out your peak G loading.
  12. Persistent bug since the F-14 was released, the External audio with the engines running will always play the audio of an inflight F-14 at speed instead of just engine noise, with no tapering in of the in flight noise from on the ground to airborne.
  13. Its not quite a bug as it is the current design and implementation of the AIM-7 within DCS. for instance, the AIM-7F/M currently in sim Only accelerates to about Mach 1.7 (just ballpark guess) or 1,100 knots, when it should be pushing 2,500 or more before starting its glide phase, this greatly reduces its range, and ability to touch a target, especially a maneuvering one well inside what should be >90% PK Range (10 miles or less). a track really wont help ED here since its literally as simple as fire an AIM-7 at any target outside of 7-10 miles in proper combat, unless the pilot flies into it intentionally it has an almost nil ability to connect.
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