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  1. All of those skins are absolutely stunning - top quality. Just wondering, is there anything I can do to fix these on the Contrary Mary skin? Hun Hunter Texas works perfectly so I assume it's something to do with the shininess of the metal? I'm running DCS 1.5 so that might be an issue too I guess.
  2. That's absolutely stunning!! Outstanding work!
  3. I would be so so grateful if someone could make this skin for the F-5E in game. I think it would look amazing!
  4. The only airworthy P-47 Thunderbolt in Europe, 'Nellie' :
  5. Did you get around to finishing that MJ627 Canadian skin?
  6. TF-51 'Miss Velma' as you may know suffered a partial power loss and forced landing at Flying Legends, Duxford in 2017. Since then, she was repaired and is back flying as 'Contrary Mary'. A gorgeous scheme I think you'll agree, and imo would look brilliant in DCS. I'd be very grateful if someone could bring her to DCS :)
  7. Stephen Grey set up the Fighter Collection at Duxford, but a few years ago retired from airshow display flying. Nick Grey is his son and regularly flies at Duxford airshows, which I certainly recommend on attending :)
  8. I don't have the best rig but I could play 1.5 nicely and it looked great. Now this update has made it impossible for me to play, although I am keeping my hopes up that they will optimise it and make it playable for me.
  9. I feel like this is a bug - I noticed that with the AV-8B and Mirage 2000C by RAZBAM, that the keyboard control for the elevator is different to modules by any other party. With these two RAZBAM aircraft, If you use the up/down arrow for the elevator, you have to hold them, otherwise the stick goes back to the centre. In any other modules, you can just press the up/down arrow and it's almost like trimming the aircraft, as the elevator then stays in that position. Before you ask - when I'm travelling it means I don't have access to my setup and use the keyboard and mouse only on my laptop.
  10. I found this interesting post on another thread which imo sums up the Draken 'superstall':
  11. At 2:10 it does a cobra and barrel roll, absolutely amazing for a design from the 50's! :O It makes me really want to fly it in DCS.
  12. I've just started playing DCS and had money in my hand to buy new modules, but a quick google search showed me ED do a Christmas sale around this time so I patiently waited a few days because I knew it was coming.
  13. I've flown the Viggen more these past few days and this bug keeps repeating itself.
  14. Also happened to me yesterday in 1.5.8 which was very odd.
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