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  1. Most likely you have an axis bound to the radar elevation and it stays at 0, preventing you from zooming in.
  2. For datalink, you need to press the UFC DL button twice to select Link 16 (once gets you Link 4 for ACLS), and then press ON/OFF to turn it on.
  3. Choosing with WEP selects the right channel and the right pylon to configure on the SMS. Even without a label, select the OSB where the SLAM option would be in the WEP menu still sets the DL channel to that station.
  4. Why would you use SteamVR with an Oculus headset? SteamVR will just eat performance and do nothing more. Use the native Oculus SDK as it is available in DCS. Don't even need OpenXR. Actually running the Oculus SDK implementation with vrperfkit will further improve performance over OpenXRToolkit + its implementation of foveated rendering.
  5. Indeed, it's been doing that for a long time. Everytime the server browser UI refreshes, there's a huge lag spike, as if the UI thread was waiting for a long time for some background thread to sync up.
  6. Yeah that ITAR excuse is really just an excuse. There’s hardly anything done by ED that doesn’t use ITAR covered info. There’s really nothing wrong with knowing ITAR covered information. The issue happen if you are a US person sharing and exporting with non-US persons. There’s nothing illegal about having those document as a non-US person. ITAR is very different (and much more lax) than classifications. At this point it’s just used by ED because it sounds official.
  7. That misconception comes from the fact that the ATFLIR was never really upgraded. The LITENING was first fielded in 1999 while the early ATFLIRs were in 2003 ish. Moreover, IIRC our LITENING is an early AT model (2003 ish), whereas the most well known LITENING is a 2008+ G4 with much better resolution. So for our Hornet, the ATFLIR is the better and more recent pod. For any Hornet after 2010-ish, the LITENING is the better pod because it was upgraded.
  8. Unfortunately the Gazelle is objectively a very incomplete, inaccurate and at this point unsupported module. Be it from RL Gazelle pilots or data-driven analysis. See: The issue is that sharing anecdotical evidence that it is "fine" with changing joystick curves (makes no sense) will lead to very dissatisfied customers. So yeah, I think Tippis has a much more valuable point here than yours.
  9. That’s not part of DCS but rather part of the radar code, which is most often per-module and not DCS-wide. I know Galinette (Razbam’s radar dev) has talked about it.
  10. That's exactly how Doppler notch filters work: that spinny thing has reflective material moving at a very high linear speed, both negative and positive. The issue though is that the return, even though it might have a very distinctive Doppler shift, is fairly small, so in general it's hard to detect a spinning rotor at long range. The shorter range of a missile might actually still be able to see it though. I would assume though that in this case, the AIM-120C just went directly for the last contact position with extrapolation as it should and hit the heli.
  11. You mean like the Hornet? Any modules will have tons of bugs at any time. That's true for any software, especially non-critical ones. Knowing there are issues doesn't make it "worse" than anything else. To the opposite, you might be greatly biases because you don't have access to those bug trackers for other modules. How so? Both work as intended for me.
  12. 90%? Not at all. Most of them are. Nonexistent damage model? On what planet do you live? It's at pretty much the same place as other modern modules. The issue is the WW2 damage model not being available yet on modern jets. If there's lots more, then it shouldn't be hard to list them without using hyperboles like you did.
  13. I can't say I've had that experience at all. Some switches are non-functional like in all modules, but a vast majority of them are. The rudder needs to be sensitive at low speed due to the very small turn radius required for roadbase operations. You can simply add a curve (like with every other module) if it's too much for you. As for bugs, pretty much all of those I had were fixed at the end of last year. Right now it's in a very good spot. I assume some of the issues are not with the module but a meter in front of the screen. Sometimes it's just a matter of learning the module, and the Viggen is very quirky by design.
  14. AI is currently unimpeded by weather. This was the biggest limitation of the new weather effects and engine and ED have said they are working on it.
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