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  1. Have never found any info on what specific radar the Active Duty F-16s are sporting. I'd be alittle surprised they'd still be using the V5 radar although with COIN being the primary mission for the last 20 years, maybe it shouldn't surprise then that TGPs would receive the higher priority over a radar upgrade.
  2. A larger Black Sea map would be interesting and it's unfortunate to me that we will likely never see Crimea as well as Southern Ukraine ever become useable terrain as it was in LOMAC.
  3. So this is the message I keep receiving trying to get into any MP server.
  4. Just curious. What will the Sniper XR pod offer vs. the LITENING pod?
  5. Didn't know what was meant by going into space until I tested it at 36k, going Mach 1.3. Let the Mk60 missile go at 57nm from target and didn't see it at first until I looked straight up. The Phoenix leveled off eventually and guided right into the Su-27 I had set up as it was trying to notch. It's an interesting loft profile for sure. I hope the AIM-54C gets the updates soon that really set it apart from the older A model Phoenix.
  6. I like PITA (Pain in the Ass).
  7. I'm getting this as well but it's a texture with the F/A-18s afterburner causing it. I've done a full repair as well as uninstalled and reinstalled the Hornet module but the problem persists.
  8. So I keep getting an integrity check warning for an F/A-18 texture. Here specific file is as follows: "textures/afterburner_f-18c@coremods/aircraft/fa-18c/textures/fa-18c" I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the module as well as ran a thorough Repair but still getting the integrity check.
  9. Depends. In air quake MP servers where most are flying in the mountain ranges, I feel the Phoenix becomes a liability and find myself usually going in with 4 Sparrows and 4 AIM-9s. The AIM-7 is ideal in the 5-10nm range. Flying solo in a server against opponents with SD-10s, and AMRAAMS is still a death wish though in this layout.
  10. How do I do a complete uninstallation? I intend to do a clean installation later but just want to remove from my old SSD and come back to DCS after I finish a move.
  11. Atleast in-game I've noticed the F-14 (both A and B) can run upto Mach 1.2 quite easily and then seems to hit some kind of wall where it takes quite abit of time to reach Mach 1.6.
  12. What is the proper installation process for the Multi-player version?
  13. Pretty sure the USAF F-16s are using a combination of the APG-68 (v9) and (v10) variants. They are planning to move to the new SABR radar, that is correct.
  14. I'd welcome just an AI version of the E/F Super Hornet at this point just to have a carrier deck more reflective of the mid to late-2000s.
  15. Curious. Will the GBU-27 and 28 bunker busters be part of this module eventually?
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