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  1. Conveen: You also need to add entries in the config files to tell the game to use the textures. The files are designed to work with modman (basically). You could also get the mod to work (probably) by extracting the textures in the cdds file into your temptextures folder. TBH Modman makes everything simple it adds the entries in the correct places for you, it keeps everything tidy and stops you messing up your install.
  2. Initial V3.0 released! Modman version only for the time being. Please let me know if you have any problems or comments. MIRRORS would be appreciated :) Link to the download on page 1 of this thread.
  3. I agree Poko the weathering was just too much at the lighter setting. Adjusted in the above screenshots. So I either release the light version.. or the dark version.. or both (possibly). I'm really unsure myself.. Again comments please.
  4. Beta: NOTE: I've lightened the runway main texture. Opinions please :) Oh... and for those of you that would like to try it now while it's hot here's a link to the beta. Readme: Install my current V2.0 textures using modman. Copy the files from the rar into your temptextures folder. Something like: C:\YOURPATH\Eagle Dynamics\Ka-50\Bazar\TempTextures You shouldn't find that anything is overwritten unless you are using the simmod terrain or my non-modman version. To remove - delete the files from the temptextures folder. MODMAN FINAL VERSION NOW UP - SEE PAGE 1 DON'T USE THIS LINK UNLESS YOU WANT A NON-MODMAN VERSION (and bare in mind that this is an older version too) http://www.xeos.co.uk/Dragons_Airbase_Textures_V3.0_BETA.rar EDIT: The files are actually dds files renamed to bmps and tgas. They aren't currently optimised but don't represent a massive video ram overhead.
  5. Well these are near finished. There's a slight issue with the landing lines overlay which I've now fixed. There are some issues all really relating to the taxi roads: As you may notice I've moved the outer lines right up to the outer edge of the road. 1. ED don't always use all of the texture and the line gets cut off early in a lot of cases. I can't fix this but I could move the lines back in again.. Personally I think it looks better even cut off. 2. The parking area overlays the taxi road (on this runway at least) this means that the white line is under the parking area texture. I'm debating about the parking area and thinking of just darkening the lining rather than make it looks as "bad" as the taxi road and runway. That way there is variation in when the workers painted different areas.
  6. Thanks for the mirror Alexduke, I've added the links to the main downloads on the first page of this thread. Thanks for the comments flanker and soul. OK will try and get a non-modman test release done in the next few days.
  7. More WIP, landing marking done although same method. I need to decide whether to leave as is and continue with the taxi roads or shelve it until I can come up with another method. I guess the question is do you guys prefer it to the original?
  8. Still WIP, and not totally happy with my method for weathering the KRAY lines although I'm fairly happy with the edging. The problem I'm having is that the method I use for the edging just doesn't work as well for the much larger KRAY lines. Ah well.. Thoughts anyone? I should point out that I haven't touched the white landing lines yet, I have weathered the center runway lines which aren't very visible in the screenshot below.
  9. I would say that the reason why I personally ocassionally get confused is because I find myself "pushing" the right side of the craft to the left with my right foot and vica versa. Exactly why I think like this at all must relate to something in the real world.. what that is, exactly, is beyond me :) EDIT: Just realised. When I didn't have the rudder pedals I used the joystick twist left twist - turn left which means "pushing" right.. well it makes sense to me anyway LOL
  10. Looks like they persuaded Game ;) http://www.game.co.uk/PC/Flight/Simulation/~r340839/Black-Shark/?s=black%20shark
  11. Great video Shrubbo, love the ending, thanks for the credit :D
  12. This should answer your question: http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=647926&postcount=5
  13. Been a bit busy in the last few days Flanker. I'm also struggling a bit with "aging" the main runway lines, can't quite get them right. The method I used on the side lining doesn't quite work on the thicker/wider areas.
  14. I like Necoscope's work. However my personal opinion is that it only works from a distance. Close up it is too "chequer board" for my liking. Flanker. The tile matching only works in certain places, ED change the placement, nothing I can do to correct that. A little dickie bird tells me that ED will probably be looking at this in the not too distant future! Latest wip:
  15. The right side is from V2.0 (the one you probably have!) the left is the new version. The parking areas. I can't do much with these because ED use different bits for different airports. I could move the white line edging on the taxiways to the edges although it doesn't look TOO bad atm ;) I might look at this. The KRAY lining I refer to is the main white markings on the runway. Basically I decided (in v2.0) that the airbase staff would maintain the markings on a regular basis. Whether this is fair or not.. well I'm not sure.... Overall glad you like my current (WIP) change flanker1!
  16. I've always had an issue with my method for blending in the runway edges. I noticed on the Simmod runway they do some old shabby looking white lining at the edges. The above shot is my current WIP (new work on the left compared to old work (gravel) on the right). I'm considering further aging of the KRAY white lining too. When I originally did it I decided that the line marking would be painted on a fairly regular basis on an active runway. Opinions anyone?
  17. Skypat: Any chance of getting the ability to have options on the install of a mod so that you could install different parts of the same mod. For example you could install my airbase textures with a light grey runway or a dark grey runway and so on.....? Dragon
  18. Just to add my 2 cents or 2p since I'm British :) After overclocking I would strongly recommend you run Prime95 on all cores as mentioned previously for 12-24hrs continuously. If there is a SINGLE error you need to downclock the CPU or increase the voltage a tiny bit. People often complain about issues with game "x" and say that they've run Prime95, that their system is 100% stable. More often than not they've run Prime95 for an hour or so which only proves their system is "quite" stable. Don't forget that people running massive overclocks to get a high score in 3D mark/whatever don't always have a stable enough system to run games, they just have a system capable of doing the benchmark itself.
  19. Maybe that's your problem, the i7 supports hyperthreading so you have 4 real cores plus 4 "virtual" hyperthreaded cores. Have you tried manually forcing affinity by alt-tabbing, running taskmanager and setting DCS.exe to use all the cores? BTW.. The i7 isn't clock for clock slower the comment by Kuky (no offense Kuky!) applied to early engineering samples with early revision mainboards. The i7 is up to 17% faster than the core2duo equivalent. Obviously BS COULD be an exception but I think it unlikely. You should have no real problems with AF at 16x, AA at 2x or more, mirrors on, everything on max except water. I don't (have problems) and I run at 2560x1600 on a QX9650, Nvidia 280. I suspect overall my system maybe SLIGHTLY quicker with BS than yours because I run the QX9650 at 3.9ghz. I get between 40 & 50fps (generally) FYI.
  20. There is already a beta or alpha patch. A video of a train landing (not possible with the current version because the train stops on contact) was posted a couple of weeks ago.
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