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  1. Does no-one know how to do this? Please see previous post.
  2. Hope this helps! Your problem sounds like you are fighting the trim. as another poster mentions make sure you press CTRL-ENTER to see where the "real" heli joystick and rudder pedals are. Secondly remember that it is only when you release the trim button that the trim is set.. so to turn to a new heading you would hold the trim button in, then turn to the new heading/height etc.., recentre your controls and then release the trim button. Remember that trim holds the controls.. so if you push your joystick forwards half way and release the trim the "real" joystick will be held in that position. Remember that trim also holds the heading assuming you have the Autopilot for heading button on (which is default). Finally.. (purists may shoot me because in real life KA-50 pilots apparently use trim almost all of the time without FD)... try flight director! Turning on FD allows you to use trim to set your joystick and pedals up but stops the trim from affecting your heading or height. I use FD constantly unless I'm following a waypointed course, want to go effectively hands off and follow a direction or use auto hover. Auto hover does not work with FD on. I suspect that if I was using a force feedback joystick which holds the trim postion like the real KA-50 joystick then I would probably not use FD so much! Basically.. If I'm understanding your problem correctly.. try turning flight director on and see if your issue goes away.
  3. There's nothing clever about spotting something completely obvious DTWD! :)
  4. If you are using the mouse .. Basically you do LALT-C, move the camera, LALT-C, click the buttons you want, LALT-C move the camera again and so on. I don't alway use TrackIR when I want a quick fly around and this is what I do. Basically once you have everything set you should not need to be clicking buttons in the cockpit. I map things like Flight Director, Auto Hover, Auto Turn to target, Shkval, HMS and so on to joystick buttons or remember the keyboard controls. Obviously everyone has the own way, TrackIR makes everything much more simple. As Peyoteros said Your wingman (if you have one) is pretty good at searching for enemies. Just tell him to fly ahead and scan, he'll datalink the enemies to you and they'll show up on the ABRIS. He might get shot up in the process.. but at least you will survive!
  5. Have you turned the WCS (Weapons Control System) on? It's to the right of the eject switches with the red striped cover on the right hand panel.
  6. A new one. Not sure if I like it or not! Download here: http://www.xeos.co.uk/Blackshark_Wallpaper_3.jpg
  7. I don't know what is wrong really. The only other thing I can suggest is get the NON-MODMAN version of my textures and install in your Temptextures folder. It might just fix it.
  8. Just FYI. The beta profiler caused issues on my system when I used it (Vista 64). The main issue was that it doesn't seem to work correctly on my system at any rate with the Joystick driver. After losing all contact with the joystick several times (Each time I reinstalled the driver and everything worked OK again for awhile) I put the older profiler on and the problem went away.
  9. In the Saitek control panel, do your axes show up and work properly there? Oh and do you have the beta Profile editor installed?
  10. Hmm that all looks correct. Did you have any other wpp files in your TempTextures folder? Also double check that C:\Eagle Dynamics\Ka-50\Bazar\World\Dragon's_Ancient_Airbase_Texture_Set_V2.0.cdds - that the file actually does exist. Maybe you deleted it (or Modman) did when you tried to get it working? If it isn't there and Modman says that the mod is installed copy it directly to the folder yourself from the rar file.
  11. Personally I think ED have got it 99% right. Having a canned disc might look nice for general flight but as you say you would lose all the other features. How for example do you model an individual blade flying off? Do you apply another disc texture? I'm not an expert but there MIGHT be some way to implement a calculated blur in DX10 or even DX9. Maybe ED will look at this at some point.. Obviously - maybe they already have :)
  12. Pitbull The Necroscope download on lockonfiles doesn't have an installer as such, you just copy the files in.. Maybe you made the backup yourself? Anyway, there are 9 files in the Temptextures folder - WPP*.DDS. You could try deleting these although it shouldn't make any difference whether they are there or not. The other possibility is that in your graphics.cfg file something is wrong. It's possible that Modman hasn't installed the required entries for my texture properly (or that Modman had a problem with other entries). You could try looking at this referring to the second post here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=36290&page=12
  13. !!FREE!! with my Airbase Textures! Tiled Pylon bases! Ok.. well accidentally free :) ED do like to be frugal with their texture use.. You never know where they might turn up next!
  14. I've already looked at this. As far as I can see the effect texture completely replaces the stationary/slowly moving effect. I've had a go at improving the blurred blade but within the bounds of the texture itself the work ED have already done is fine imho. Further radial blurring just makes it look worse.. again imho.
  15. Well I was really answering the previous poster DTWD and not the thread as a whole. Personally I like the blur and I only did the mod out of interest (no blur whatsoever). Because of the strobe effect created by the monitor refresh/graphics card rendering speed you don't get a "real life" type of look with the mod. With the texture size as it is I very much doubt it will be possible to do a "disc" blur effect.
  16. Ah.. apologies I thought you were referring to the blades. :doh:
  17. Necroscope uses a crafty method so that he can use DDS files rather than exactly matching the original ED files. Off the top of my head (I'm at work) he overwrites a file called onlay_vpp.sup. You need to get the original of this file and put it back. Modman should then work with mine or anyone else's.
  18. As it happens... I just did a zero motion blur mod for the rotors so I have some idea... The rotors themselves are stored in: WorldTexturesBMP3.cdds The file you need to change is: KA-50_BLADE.BMP The "Motion Blur" is located in: WorldTexturesTGA3.cdds The file you need to change is: KA-50_BLADE_TEST.TGA However! The same files are used for ALL KA-50 skins AFAIK. So the first issue you have is that you can only do one skin at a time. The second problem you have is that if you WANT motion blur you would need to do a motion blurred skin as well as the main rotor skin. It isn't a massive problem but a little awkward imo.. If you didn't want a motion blurred skin you would still need to replicate your new blade in the motion blur texture.. but without motion blur..
  19. Yes! :thumbup: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=37506
  20. The screenshot doesn't show much really but the rotor is running at max rpm! Personally I prefer the blur.. but each to their own :) I did this mod mainly because I wanted to know if it was do-able! MODMAN VERSION. Download here: http://www.xeos.co.uk/Dragon%27s_Zero_Motion_Blur_Rotor_V1.0_MODMAN.rar NON-MODMAN VERSION. Download here: http://www.xeos.co.uk/Dragon%27s_No_Blur_Rotor_v1.0_NON_MODMAN.rar If you are looking for my Ancient Airbase Textures, try here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=37246
  21. Hmmm yes.. :) And BMPs, Tanks, SAMs.. you name it.. 5m max :music_whistling:
  22. I installed this (THE DCS VERSION) .. at Christmas.. incredible I know :) but anyway.. I installed VikVaughn's camo skin later on using Modman. Everything seems fine except when the KA-50 crashes I can see the christmas skin on the bits! Does anyone know the correct procedure for un-installing the DCS Christmas skin without re-installing the entire game?
  23. The only thing I can think of.. Assuming you have correctly cleared down all the axis controls and reassigned.. Is that BS doesn't have permission to write to the config files. You could try running the game as Administrator...
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