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  1. OK it's 100% Simmod terrain & airbase texture. This version works with the english BS: http://forums.frugalsworld.com/vbb/showthread.php?t=135506 There's a link there to the zip file. Recommend you unzip the file, run the installer but install to a temporary folder. In the folder you will find YOURtempfolderLOCATION\Bazar\Terrain\Surface\R1L.cdds YOURtempfolderLOCATION\Bazar\Terrain\Surface\R2.cdds Copy these two files to the c:\YOUR ENGLISH KA-50 INSTALL LOCATION........\Bazar\Terrain\Surface\ Now you will need to alter you graphics.cfg file located in c:\YOUR ENGLISH KA-50 INSTALL LOCATION........\Config\ Open graphics.cfg with notepad Find: TextureCollections { highFolder = ".\\Bazar\\TempTextures\\"; Immediately after that ADD: common = ".\\Bazar\\Terrain\\Surface\\R1L.cdds"; common = ".\\Bazar\\Terrain\\Surface\\R2.cdds"; If you currently have my runway textures installed you will still see them. If you want to see Simmod's runway textures uninstall mine before doing the above. I'm not absolutely certain but I don't think the Simmod terrain will change by season. Note that the simmod airbase textures seem to be a lower resolution than mine (i've not checked properly). Personally I particularily like their very worn white line edging to the runway. I might do a version of my textures with a similar edge at some point. Had a quick go today but not enough time to do it justice.
  2. Yes I agree the terrain looks better too so it must be a mod of some description, quite possibly from Simmod as Nate suggests. Looks like you'll have to put up with my airbase textures for now BTTW-DratsaB :protest: :)
  3. Actually it's even less than that by default in XP 32bit & Vista 32bit. Generally speaking a running program usually only has access to 2gb tops. Only "large address aware" programs can access more. You also need a boot.ini switch to force the OS to allow more ram for programs AND this can make your system unstable.
  4. From memory I think they said that the boxed product wouldn't ship with the full manual. Again from memory I think ED said that the manual will be available for purchase separately, maybe this month.
  5. No I didn't alter the Nav system from the default... Yes I know (assuming I understand you correctly), generally speaking I have to apply or trim in left cyclic at speeds above 100 with my normal loadout. Hmmmm.. well ok but I wasn't doing anything unusual really, I wasn't even travelling quickly. Yes. I flew afterwards with no issues overwriting the temp track and didn't save it.. At the time I just put it down to an "anomaly". However I couldn't get it out of my head :huh:. So I thought I would post. I'll see if I can recreate the issue.
  6. Ok Shamandgg these are reasonable comments: 1. Actually I almost never use trim reset.. it was a last resort when everything went wrong. However I DID NOT use it prior to the crash I had used it maybe 15 minutes earlier in the mission when the KA-50 kept spinning when using Autohover. Basically I turned Autohover off, turned the APs off then on, got back to a stable hover, tried Autohover again. Same problem. Turned Autohover off again, reset trim, got back to a stable hover, turned Autohover on. Turned Auto Turn to target on... everything worked normally! I then turned Autohover off and AP altitude hold off. Trimmed to go back to the airfield. The KA-50 was pulling right and rolling right (from memory) despite correcting it kept on doing this. I was getting fairly close to the ground, I turned on FD but the KA-50 kept pulling and rolling right and I couldn't avoid the crash. I should point out that this was the first time I've experienced this issue although something "like" this has happened once before when the only fix was turning the FD on. The mission was one of my own without failures which I use a lot for practice. No I haven't mapped the emergency AP disengage.. however since I don't have failures enabled.. surely the APs shouldn't have failed? The sim is SO complex that it is entirely possible the whole thing was user error or "by design" however it is also possible that there is some bug somewhere... tbh it "felt" like a bug but I'm not more than 60% sure.
  7. No it wasn't the heading hold, I realise heading isn't shown in the red window but as I said I tried holding the trim down and releasing. Only resetting the trim had an effect. Don't forget that I tried holding trim down which should release the AP.. but it didn't or didn't work as expected. On top of that, as I mentioned, at the end of this flight the heli was fighting my control inputs even when I put FD on. Don't get me wrong. It is possible this was my fault in some way but I really can't think of anything I did or anything I didn't try to fix the issues in flight. The Autoturn to target issue I've had several times not long after taking off.. which is why I'm assuming the INU is causing that issue. Hmm. This is odd.. I can't remember ever doing the above, doesn't holding trim in and then releasing at the new heading have the same effect? You've got me puzzled!
  8. No the rudder pedals were in neutral position, checked and double checked. My feeling is that the red window may not be 100% accurate or has a compound error issue.. although it appears to be absolutely fine..
  9. Basically this is pretty hard to explain without going into massively boring detail so I’ll try to be brief... Background: I have roughly 40+ hrs of sim flight time and would consider myself reasonably competent. I can land on Farps/buildings/carriers. Perform flared turns, circle strafe to a reasonable level and so on. I use FD quite a lot but use NO FD for moving longer distances. Issues: Entering Autohover “too early” seems to cause two possible effects, the first is the APs flashing and a very unstable KA-50. The second effect is that the KA-50 wants to constantly turn. Q: Is this realistic behaviour possibly caused by the INU not being aligned or is this a bug? Once in Autohover sometimes Autoturn to target doesn’t work. Q: Is this caused by the same issue.. that the INU isn’t correctly aligned? Despite showing the (CTRL-ENTER|) red window which shows my control positions and having everything dead center the KA-50 sometimes acts strangely as if I have (for example) a large amount of rudder applied. It makes no difference (or at least the “oddness” doesn’t go away) when I hold and release the trim button. Despite the fact that the window shows no effect if I hit reset trim, when I hit reset trim the problem goes away...! Q: Does the reset trim button do more than.... reset trim to the controls and the APs? In a recent short flight I had... ALL of the above happened..I wasn’t in combat, there was no damage. Eventually I switched on FD and headed back to the airfield. However despite switching FD on the KA-50 was extremely hard to control and... I crashed because I just couldn’t get the KA-50 under control despite using FD. Autohover was switched off and the APs were on. I didn't try resetting trim, the ground attacked me before I had chance! :cry: I should point out that I had neutral rudder trim, I had a small amount of forward cyclic trim (all as seen on the red window) Q: What on earth is going on? Have the above issues caused some kind of “real” issue or is this (and possibly some or all of the above) a bug? Unfortunately I didn’t save the track. I ran the game again later on the same day and didn’t have any issues and nearly didn’t bother posting.. However although I haven’t had all of this happen before in one go I have had some of the issues before (especially the APs flashing and the rotating problem).
  10. Glad you like it DTWD, Shrubbo & GratsaB :) TBH I have no idea whether ED will want to include this in a patch release. I guess I would be flattered if they did. Certainly I've had no contact with ED about it. No there are no issues with seasons although it took me awhile to figure out how to make that work with the Modman version!
  11. Ah yes.. forgot about this. The water is rendered all the time even when you can't see it. It's some artifact of the engine ED is still using. Hopefully the new engine (which we may or may not see in the next year or so) will not have this problem. I doubt anyone runs it on high.
  12. You should be getting more than 30fps with your setup. Although if you have wingmen, lots of enemies.. etc.. you might not.
  13. If you are still running it in a window.. that would be your problem.
  14. Moose, any news on the damage texture issue?
  15. If the screenshot is anything to go by.... nice work Crazy D :)
  16. 3.5 should work but the fact that it doesn't, doesn't mean it proves you have a fault. If 3.4 works and run the tests fine then it would suggest at least that you don't have a RAM fault. When I read your original post I didn't realise you had a 750i chipset. Unfortunately I tend to agree that the 750i isn't the best out there. Googling issues with your board: At least a couple of people have mentioned freezes in games. One or two have suggested that fitting a chipset fan has cured the issue. Might be worth a try before spending more money on a new board.
  17. Nice video! I had been considering this stick for FFB over the Saitek X52 PRO I currently use. I think I'll hang on now ;)
  18. Pleased to have helped, hope it fixes your issue.. It should. :thumbup: @glottis, Yeh it's one of the few obvious bugs in the release. I'm sure they'll fix it.
  19. I would generally agree with this and have no real issues flying the KA-50 msyelf despite having a non-FFB joystick however there are two issues (although the OP was really only questioning the first) 1. Is the original poster correct? He cites two credible community members who appear to agree with his point of view. I do, however, tend to agree with you (WynnTTr) that ED probably got it right. 2. Flying with a non-FFB joystick is not natural so ED came up with a workaround. a short delay to allow you to recenter your stick/rudder and the CTRL-ENTER window showing where the KA-50 has locked your controls. (I have to say that I'm not sure whether the delay is realistic or not!) The second issue is important because realism is already broken here. In my opinion whether it is realistic or not the OP's method where moving the stick would completely disengage the APs WOULD in fact work better than the current system. Or at least it would be nice if ED included it as an option alongside the CTRL-ENTER window. As I said previously I have no major problems flying the Blackshark. I do however use FD whenever I'm just flying around, doing hard manuevers and so on. I go back to no-FD for route flying, approaching target zones and similar. The problem I have is that the general consensus is that this isn't very realistic, real KA-50 pilots rarely, if ever, use FD.
  20. A bit of forum searching helps you know. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=34311&page=2
  21. Obviously your issue sounds like it's the graphics card but since you had 2 9600, tried both individually and then bought a 260 and have a similar (but not identical) problem with that too the fault must (well not 100%) lie elsewhere. CPU, HIGHLY unlikely unless you overclock it. Motherboard. Possible although the board you have is pretty good. It's pretty tough to test for motherboard faults. Suggest visually checking the board for bulging capacitors, black marks etc.. RAM. Possible. Suggest checking your RAM voltage is correct. Try running Memtest86 for 12hrs.. It's a hassle but 12hrs no errors will probably rule the RAM out. I have seen a huge number of systems with faults caused by faulty RAM. Crucial ram in particular seems to have issues over the long term especially Ballistix. Harddisk drive. Possible but you would probably see event log errors stating bad block or some problem reading Drive. Suggest checking event logs thoroughly. PSU. Possible. It could be faulty OR it isn't a known brand/high quality. 1000w seems like a total overkill for your system but if the rating is peak only and it can't sustain high watts then this is a likely candidate for a time issue like the one you have. However normally poor PSUs cause black screen reboot issues not just a slowdown. Software.. check that all drivers are up to date especially chipset, graphics and sound, check your harddisk is defragged.. oh and I would just try removing that TV tuner (just in case). There should be no issue with the onboard HD audio btw unless the chip is faulty I suspect you will have a Realtek chipset just like most people here probably have.
  22. Basically it sounds like you are fighting the TV. TVs love to overscan. The HDMI on my 32" Samsung in the bedroom overscans 10%. I have a media center connected to this which has a crap onboard Intel graphics chip. Because of this I can't correct for the overscan and therefore use a VGA cable. The Samsung doesn't overscan the VGA input at all so I run the media center at 1366x768 which gives me 1:1 pixel mapping (which gives the best possible picture). This is one reason why I suggested running through VGA. Basically if you ever replace your Sony get a TV with 1:1 pixel mapping.. it makes life sooooo much easier! :thumbup:
  23. Very pleased to hear you've fixed your problem (to a large extent anyway). It sounds like the CCC is SCALING your resolution on the ATI hardware to match your screen - no black borders but problems with the launcher. Changing the resolution in Windows PROBABLY ignores the scaling in some way. At a guess I would imagine that fiddling with the scaling settings in the CCC and then changing the resolution might fix it so you can use the resolution slider in the CCC. However.. if it ain't broke don't fix it!! :thumbup:
  24. The only real difference between VGA cables these days is that some are marginally better quality than others.. VGA cables can run any resolution really up to maybe 1920x1200 when the signal quality becomes an issue. I have a PS3 running at 1920x1080p with no issue. If you get one I would recommend running at the exact 1:1 pixel of your TV.. so 1366x768 or whatever. You can't really improve on that, any resolution above is effectively fake.
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