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  1. Hallo zusammen,

    es würde mich sehr freuen wenn ich in eure Club beitreten können.


    1. JG78_horΛz


      Hallo Miracle,

      Dann freuen wir uns auf deine Bewerbung unter: https://www.jagdgeschwader78.com/bewirb-dich

      Bis bald JG78_horΛz

  2. Hey guys, I wanted to ask whether an A400M as an AI tanker would be possible, although I have no idea how complex it actually is to produce something like this. Many greetings JG78_horΛz
  3. Hello moltar, would you be so kind as to exchange our logo? This has changed since last year Satal. Many thanks in advance! JG78_horΛz
  4. Jagdgeschwader78 Blue side Ping: 80 -120ms Germany JG78_horΛz F/A-18C JG78_CoMa F/A-18C JG78_mauuuz F-16C JG78_Steak F-16C
  5. Unfortunately, due to heavy traffic, I can not make it home in time. I am very sorry :(
  6. Unfortunately I can not attend for technical reasons. Have fun & Check six!
  7. You were right about your suspicions. The plane flies again exactly as I imagined! :) is that so wanted that the Trim responds with the speedbrake or is there still adapting?
  8. ah Okay, speedbrake makes sense.. happens often in my pit :D i am going to test that and replay here. nice to see there is an easy resault for that :) yes thats true. sadly i played in Singleplayer when it happens. but even when i land it happens in on case (single player as well -.-) and there i had my engines in idle.. but thank both of you guys for your commitment! its amazing to see how quick u guys try to help poor little pilots like me :D
  9. i had the "luck" both happend in the first attempt. I hope it help u guys! If u have any questions, text me :) http://www.mediafire.com/file/gfpaen0rurgd9n8/JG78_Trainingskarte_Kaukasus-20190828-183737.trk/file
  10. Heyhey really like your module, its a pleassure to fly! quick question around every second flight the Trim funktion will not work for me.. i have instead to use the emergency trim to fly. Is this a bug or my misstake? also sometimes i get a fire warning and shortly after that my engine cut off. even when iam taxing on the ground. maybe its my misstake ether, just want to ask :)
  11. Hello Moltar, I would like to add: JG78Flg_QoQi JG78Flg_Schlapperklange JG78Flg_Major Meatball to the Jagdgeschwader78 Roster. JG78_MaWo left my Squadron and will not take part anymore. I correct that in my First Message. Thank You!
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