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  1. Hmmm can’t get a successful 1-2-0 mission flying just as pilot… will skip it….
  2. IFF has been mentioned a lot, and it is really one of the main issues in using George as CPG. Another problem that could be important, depending on the mission, is that there is now way to tell George to target or fire to a building or a bridge or static targets.
  3. Thanks for the insight, will try to do the same for Mission 2 and move in the Campaign.
  4. I am stuck on mission 2 for another reason: I play just as the Pilot, I don’t want to jump back and forth between the 2 seats, and it is impossible to have George targeting or firing bridges. I am wondering if to simply skip this mission, but then if in next missions there will be other stationary targets like buildings, same will happen and therefore no sense in keep playing for me. Without spoilers, does anyone knows if later missions will have building or bridges as targets ?
  5. Agreed that probably “George wheel” should be a bit expanded to allow for this. A good reference in DCS itself is Jester wheel in the Heatblur F14 module, which allows for complex operations with an AI RIO. I hope anyway that when the Apache will be released, players will be able to play any mission without the need to jump back and forth between Pilot and CPG.
  6. As far as I have understood, today it’s impossible to fly just as a pilot and use George CPG to target/fire to stationary objects like bridges and buildings. For the sake of immersion and playability as a single operator (ie the pilot) of the Apache, in SP or in MP, I think it makes sense to have the possibility to play any kind of mission just in one of the 2 roles the Apache allows to. Having George targeting not just enemy units, but also bridges and buildings, would allow this to happen.
  7. So I’ve got a bit more confident on my piloting skills to try some missions as well as campaigns. I fly SP, and just as the pilot: I am not interested (at least now) to learn the CPG stuff. I had a mission where I was tasked to destroy a bridge: couldn’t find a way to have it listed within George target list, which is always just about vehicles. After that, I have tried also with buildings etc in other missions, and I can’t find a way to have George target a stationary target like a house or a bridge. I understand I can do it by moving to the CPG station, but I don’t want to (if possible) as my interest is to play just as the pilot. Is there any way to have George lock stationary targets that I am missing ?
  8. We Italians discovered America, so we own America, so you are actually correct.
  9. Maybe in the future I will try also CPG, but for the moment I want to fly just as the pilot: I know how to have George searching where I am looking, but I am not sure I saw any command making George search on broad areas… am I missing something ? Ah OK so this is why I can’t see them… am I doing something wrong or is it a bug ? By the way, any broader, more generic tactical suggestion is welcome of course !
  10. So, after finally getting some success in hovering etc, I decided to try a combat mission, and it was Hercules Down. I play in VR and just as the pilot. I realized I know 0 about helo tactics and best practices. I tried learning by attempts, but after some frustration I kindly ask you helo experts to provide some advice. 1) How do you find moving targets traveling in a forest… efficiently ? Maybe it’s because I am a not yet effective pilot and I focus too much on piloting, maybe VR doesn’t help, but how are you supposed to look for and find targets moving in a forest, without labels and with the limited assistance George provides now ? 2) How do you pilot while searching in a potentially hostile area ? Are you supposed to hover and jump from a place to another after having scanned ? Or are you supposed to move fast and hide if you detect something ? 3) How do you engage a fast moving ground target in a not so open area ? Again do you place yourself in a hover, qnd then engage when the target becomes visible for a few seconds, or are you actively moving and follow the target so to open opportunities ? Thanks in advance for you patience !
  11. The Apache is my first DCS helo. I am slowly learning and getting used to it. Yesterday while free flying near Guam I was finally able to land on the carrier, and even being 53 I was happy as a 2 years old walking his first steps. Said that, there is one thing I am realizing while learning, and before going to wife to beg to allow me spend some money, I would like some more experts feedback. Seems to me that this module really test the quality of my controllers. I have a Warthog throttle/joystick and I think I am now able to fine tune cyclic and collective. I have also Thrustmaster T Flight pedals, and there I am really struggling. Despite greasing and oiling, after a few minutes of flying they always get some resistance when trying to do some micro movements, so I need to apply more force to get it unstuck and as soon as it get unstuck it moves too much and then I need to overcompensate. I find really hard to get the accuracy and “softness” needed to control the AH64 with this kind of behavior. This was never a problem with the jets I was used to fly in DCS, as with those I pretty much never had to so accurately dose my input. Here on the Apache I find it really frustrating. Is anyone else using TM T Flight pedals with the Apache ? Are you having similar issues ? If not, which magic did you applied to get rid of the random resistance introduced by the pedal plastic slewing on the iron guides ? And finally, any suggestion about some good rudders working well with the sensitivity needed on the Apache ?
  12. Following with attention this topic, thanks all for the suggestions and advice. AH64 is my first helicopter, and well the transition is quite… complex. Spent 2 days just to understand how to take off and land, and now I am barely able to do it with some dignity. I don’t really know how I will ever be able to reach a stable hover and keep it: I am now able to fight against the Apache and win convincing him to land somewhere near where I want to land… but I can’t even imagine how I will be able to stay hidden behind a hill hovering there and popping up just as needed. Fun, but hard.
  13. Thanks for the outstanding CTS profiler as well as for the prompt support !
  14. I use DCS World Target Profile CTS configurator for my Warthog and at the moment, even reloading luas and rebuilding the profile doesn’t work… Any clue about what I should to to get it back working ?
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