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  1. Thank you for those skins @Gunslinger22! Very nice !
  2. If you can, @Gunslinger22 that would be perfect ! This pack seems outstanding.
  3. Looking for this bird ! By the way, F-15, F-16, F1
  4. Thanks Nealius, I'll investigate following a comment in RedKite video. Seems to appear like that if spawned after clients. How is the IA dealing with your Flex deck config ?
  5. Tested in multiplayers. Static aircraft spawned with templates appear stuck in the deck, for clients. I've got other static near castle that aren't spawned but already here at the mission start, they are OK. I'll try to find a solution, but may be some of you already have one ?
  6. Here are my templates. Need some mods : VSN A-6, EA-6B, C-2 Greyhound. As well I'm using specific skins, I guess DCS will revert with standard ones if you don't have it. carrierTEMPLATESrecovery.lua carrierTEMPLATESlauch.lua carrierTEMPLATESremoveALL.lua
  7. Need to test a flex deck config, quit curious about how IA will react. Regarding my deck, with cat1 and 2 blocked, IA is stucked not using 3 and 4.
  8. I made some templates following Redkite tutorial. Thanks to him. One deck configured for launch, one for recovery. Here are the two together : Launch : Recovery :
  9. Thank you for all involved in those MODS/SKINS !
  10. Thank you so much Tomcatter ! Now we have a quit complete CVW-6, at least without an A-7 mod.
  11. @Tomcatter87Hi Tom, I've benn downloading your skins for E-2D and VSN A-6A, very nice, thank you for that ! Do you have any news for this EA-6B ? Cheers
  12. Hi, check here : FrenchPack Contains Hilux and Kamikaze pick up. Cheers.
  13. Yes, thanks Gromit for that. Much appreciated.
  14. MikiBzh

    Recovery Tanker

    Try Moose, so, with AIRBOSS script : https://flightcontrol-master.github.io/MOOSE_DOCS_DEVELOP/Documentation/Ops.Airboss.html
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