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  1. For what its worth, last night with around 20 people in our multi player mission we were attacking/capturing Shiraz airport with multiple aircraft types and lots of different munitions. FPS for everyone during the battle was as low as it could get looking at the airport, but the moment we captured the airport the frames went back to normal. I have no idea what that means but we thought it was interesting.
  2. For the last 16 years The Flying Kiwis has been a pretty casual group that has welcomed anyone. Going forward not so much the latter part. We have an amazing core group of about 40 people and our scheduled flight nights we will see 20+ regulars show up and fly. We have looked at what we do, where we are at and how we want to handle potential new members going forward. Basically if you can read the description in the multiplayer server list and can make your way onto our discord channel, jump in and fly you are more than welcome. If you want to camp on our discord channel and just watch and not participate then TFK is not the place for you. We worked out of our core group everyone has spent a shitload of money and time to be able to enjoy this hobby at the level we are flying at, we are not a school, we are not a place for people to live vicariously through us, but again if you can figure out how to jump on our discord and get involved you are more than welcome. Regular flight nights include: Choppa Tuesday! starts 20:00NZ Training on Thursday - various formats including 'Fuel School', Tac form practice, navigation exercises and weapons practice etc... Starts 20:00NZ Sunday night main mission, a new mission every week incorporating most aircraft types. Starts 20:00NZ Our dedicated server has unique missions you will not find on any other server. Ole mate Rhino has put this video together that sums it up pretty well. Enjoy!
  3. This week we are starting TFK fuel school. If you want to practice or learn how to air to air refuel come and get involved. Boom or drogue both will be catered for. Air refueling is a great skill to master, especially when flying in a multiplayer environment when long range missions depend on it, it is a very rewarding experience to see a number of divisions gather on and quickly top everybody up and push on in a expeditious manner. Come and get involved if you want to get this skill routine rather than stressful. Jump on the TFK discord on Thursdays at 20:00NZ.
  4. Cheers Pie, if your in the region or even if your elsewhere in the world and would like to participate here is the discord channel link https://discord.gg/4cSCqCz7 Main mission starts 20:00NZ on Sunday but there are a few missions this time around so it will probably be a bit of a weekend full of flying. War birds are go!
  5. Would be a fantastic feature, especially smoke and fire effects.
  6. Thanks a lot for your incite toutenglisse, I really appreciate the effort. Glad to know the unit inside zone is not able to do that and Im not going crazy! I will have a play around with the script and see what I can get to work. Thanks again!
  7. Hmmm, it would appear I still dont get how this trigger works, any further explanation would be very welcome. The latest attempt to have this Unit inside moving zone work for one of my missions has the following scenario. A vehicle convoy moving along carrying POW's, when the lead vehicle is destroyed I want friendly troops to spawn around the destroyed vehicle/ convoy as a sort of POW rescue scenario, I am using the CTLD script and the ctld.spawnGroupAtTrigger("blue", 2, "spawn1", 0) function. I can get the spawn on destroy part to work fine, but damned if I can get the moving zone to attach to the lead unit and every time the lead vehicle is destroyed the troops spawn where the trigger is placed in the mission editor. Doing my head in, but am I asking too much of this trigger or do I just fundamentally not understand what its function is how to set it up? Thanks.
  8. Yes the multicrew in the Huey has added another level to the ability to pick up pilots now, this is us from last week. Multicrew Huey SAR! - YouTube
  9. Your best bet would be to try and get CTLD working, then you can do exactly what you want too do. It should be as easy as loading Mist first as a mission start, do script file trigger then load CTLD as say a once, time more = 2, do script file trigger. Just make sure you name the unit name of the Tarawa the same in the appropriate place in the CTLD script (in pickupzones) before you load it and your away laughing.
  10. Yep this is an absolute gas! Check out our Choppa Tuesday account... So much fun tonight Multicrew Huey SAR! - YouTube Sorry not sure how to imbed the youtube video in this new forum format (or to be honest the old way)
  11. You could randomize and save as a template pretty easily. Combined with the uncontrolled check box with each group (that you can use in a trigger later on to activate them if you desire) and its up too you how deep down that rabbit hole you want to fall. For example you can set a trigger to mission start, action Flag set random value. then for example, Flag 1 Val lim min = 1 Val lim max = 4 (or anything you like) that gives a 1 in 4 chance of what ever you set in your spawn in trigger - say Flag 1 = 3 Group activate xyz. Combined with using the Random function you can on top add another percentage of things spawning in. It can be a bit of work but will achieve exactly what you want. The most important thing using this method is naming groups and units clearly so you can navigate to them easily and accurately.
  12. Glad to see mostly everyone is really enjoying multi crew! I am really enjoying the increased scope of the missions now possible. Last night we flew in a dedicated JTAC to the AO, dropped him off, dropped him some vehicles and spent the rest of the night supporting him. Picking up downed choppa crews they can now jump in and ride home with you, how cool is that!
  13. +1 for the TPR's, the fine control for warbirds and choppas is just amazing! Until I got them I had no idea it could be this good. Excellent product.
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