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  1. Damn you ED, you got me addicted to warbirds now I must buy all of them.
  2. It's up... ... to eagle dynamics team to decide patch notes timeframe.
  3. After a bumpy landing my right wheel clipped into airfield which resulted into sparks... I don't know what kind of damage is that but it's certainly wrong.
  4. Thank you guys I figured it out. Previously I wasn't relying on tailwheel AT ALL which made my landings terribly dangerous and unstable. Now I basically land almost on all 3 wheels with a bit nose up. Well I learned something about taildraggers :) Now it's fun to fly when I know I won't crash land.
  5. I have no problems landing Jets but landing a warbird is always an adventure. P-47 will always bounce no matter what I do... In the end I do land, but there is like 30% that I will die or crash land. Am I doing something wrong? How to achieve perfect landing.. any tutorial videos ?
  6. WW2 theatre is in a mess right now, they are still working on new damage model and many other things related to DCS WW2 theatre.
  7. They really need to improve on that it's embarrassing, even FSX 10yr old sim has modules with proper oil, heating simulation.
  8. Overheating? Engine stress? Overspeed Damage? what else?
  9. We don't need more subscription... hulu,wwe,cable, you name it.. and now DCS .. NO! I will make one time payments for modules I like.
  10. Current Stable Version is laughable... tons of bugs everywhere. We are at the point where stable isn't even needed, just make the game Open Beta only.
  11. Finally a comparable rival to fight against! Radial vs Radial :D Post your videos and screens, I am preparing a video and will update the OP.
  12. Anton 4.3 tons (Guns+Fuel) 402 hp/t (1730 hp) P-47 5,7 tons (Guns+Fuel) 456 hp/t (2600 hp) **still not confirmed** Everyone talks about 7 tons... but that's maximum LOAD!!!!! As you see difference isn't that great.
  13. Is Thunderbolt as heavy as Anton? What's hp/t on both? Is Anton slower/heavier? Anyone? Thanks
  14. I landed 380 km/h on Mazdok two times in row, but got this behavior where one of the wheels clip into the airfield... I suppose it's fast landing or something, I had a normal angle of approach nothing spectacular..
  15. Shadows are CPU thing, so it will work only if you have weaker CPU.
  16. Thank you for info, still did not have time to complete the manual but I will
  17. :lol: :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
  18. As seen in this trk... missiles dropped from wings without explanation, I haven't touched anything... just tuned to missiles and they dropped. Mission log screen doesn't record jettison or fire... they just dropped TRK attached weapon lost.trk
  19. Mig-19 needs this one. Please ED make this A.I even SFM would be good for a start
  20. I've bought the Mig-19 few days ago from steam. I must say it's very great, fps friendly, average but good enough texture quality. I don't know how realistic flight model is.. but it feels unique and that's very important for me (simmer). It is much easier to master than Mig-21 or F-18 especially for the reason it's easier to fly. The only obstacle that needs to be mastered in regard to flight is speed management due to fast acceleration. It's really unfortunate that Mig-19 doesn't have RWR or Flares but that's how it is, the only downside is that it doesn't have a proper enemy counterpart to combat with due to lack of early cold war jets (AI) -> Someone needs to make Super Sabre F-100 so we can have more reasonable opponent in Missions. Mig 19 missiles being in it's earliest form of sidewinder clone are really bad.. they miss like 50% of time, Guns are awesome but hard to master in this very fast jet. I rate the product 8/10 I don't regret my purchase, I think it's a better buy than F-5
  21. It's not popular as it should be.... DCS WW2 is the best WW2 experience I have IL2 installed but it's much more arcade. DCS WW2 is closer to real thing (sim) and feels better, but it's expensive as hell: 1. Normandy $50 2. WW2 Assets $25 3. $50 plane = $125 for one plane, and environment or half of that if it's a sale. But it's still better than $40 for arcade planes
  22. I love Mig-19, have been studying it a bit.. don't know which allied crafts to use against him.. It seems that Mig-19 doesn't have same tier opponent atm...
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