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  1. yop su-27 is just less visible than mig-29's wing flex
  2. Still we have the problem that they get avionics they shouldn't get, Datalinks they shouldn't have etc... etc... ED put themselves in a dead end.
  3. HAHAHA, radar alamos accurately modeled...Chizh is a funny guy :lol:
  4. hahaha so true :megalol:
  5. to be honest I would expect an upgrade in all aspects, hoping for a 3D model worthy of the F-14, new russian pilot model, better cockpit etc..
  6. Exactly, in a FOX 1 environment it is a different story and i can hear blue pilots crying :lol:
  7. biggest mistake from ED was to put in game versions of NATO planes that are from the 21st century and AIM-120B/C, not to mention AIM-9X. They killed the PvP and historical aspect of the sim, we're stuck with russian equipment from the 80s
  8. Of course red stuff would come after the poor little 16... enough of this trend, this rework will be ready for the next century
  9. hello apollon :) Yes I did it in the mission editor, fantastic ! a lot more immersive and it works, AI too
  10. Hello guys, Recently the Fulcrum got its engine sound improved a lot, I may be wrong but seems like no one has brought up a topic about Flanker's engine sound. To me it is quite clear that we are nowhere near the AL-31F sound... any idea if and when ED has intention to improve the engine sound as they did with mig-29 ? here is a nice video of a su-27 engine run... just to give an idea.
  11. Hello, so my situazione is as follow: I’ve installed the mod and everything works but 1 thing... I can’t control the plane...I can’t access the cockpit view... it is an AI that flies instead of me. My question is... did you base your mod on the J-11 ? Because I do not own FC3... I’ve bought separetely the su-27, su-33 and mig-29... so I was thinking this could be the cause... or is it ok to have only su-27 and su-33 ? Thank you
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