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  1. Make the server private and do not allow the public maybe ?
  2. https://forum.virpil.com/index.php?/topic/1946-new-ordering-process-live-community-discussion/page/61/#comment-40702
  3. native linux server would be great for hosters
  4. @BIGNEWY @NineLine is there any chance that we could have a simple config file inside the dedicated server install that would limit maps to be downloaded to only those maps in this config file ?
  5. it worries me it has been 2 1/2 months since this bug was raised and ED still cannot work out how to fix it
  6. hi, Can I ask you how you created the paper sheet that goes inside the MFD ?
  7. Is this a modified tank? As in is it using the same cloaking technology as predator ?
  8. DCS world only works with windows 10 or greater for the operating system
  9. RIP , he was a really good guy
  10. I feel your pains guys my Rig just aint fast enough for DCS .......... or DCS is terribly poorly coded 8700K @ 4.9Ghz, 3080XC3 Oced , 64G RAM @ 3600Mhz , DCS on a 2TB NVME (3600Mhz) playing on a 3400 x 1440 Gsync Screen FPS is still poor I will qualify my statement with "I fly helicopters a lot so I am close to the ground"
  11. you shouldnt need to but as it only takes 30 seconds its not a problem if you want to be sure
  12. can confirm that my emails also stopped coming and nothing has changed on my end
  13. I did mine on the top side to give more strain relief to the cable
  14. @BIGNEWY could you please add direct links to Mission editing / Multiplayer forums here ? where the red line is ?
  15. @BIGNEWY @NineLine You can no longer easily locate the Multiplayer mission forum or the Mission editing forums anymore, this is a really really bad change Please put it back to the way it way before
  16. Just after Syria came out I upgraded to 64G kit as nearly all my 32G kit was being used by DCS
  17. this might help out people wanting to front seat in the apache and use an xbox controller
  18. i have both throttle and collective on my pit on the left side and there are not issues
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